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The 3rd Annual Blog Herald Christmas Blogging Awards

The 3rd Annual Blog Herald Christmas Blogging Awards

blog herald christmas awardsYep, despite the political correctness of happy holidays and other bizarre things, The Blog Herald’s Christmas Awards return for another year.

Before the forces of PC jump up and down, the awards are to encourage people to celebrate Christmas, it doesn’t have to be religious in particular, but for me, Christmas has always been a time for giving and a time for family. In this day and age it might not be that popular, but…well…I’m an honest sort of person and despite having to socialise with the inlaws its still a great time of year.

The prizes are slightly up on last year, and I’m still waiting from an email from last years overall winner so I can send her the prize.

There are 4 categories again this year. To enter, just leave a comment on the respective post:
Best new blog embracing Christmas 2005
Best Christmas decoration of a Blog 2005
Best posting about Christmas on a Blog 2005
and naturally (and open to candidates in other categories)
Best overall Christmas Blog

John Mudd, aka Mr Real Estate returns this year as a judge this year, and for the first time judging the awards is Jeremy Wright, President of b5media. Naturally I’ll round out the 3.

So get decorating, get posting, and leave you entries in the relevant post. Its EASY MONEY!!!! Nominations will close midnight US EST 23 December 2005, and winner will be announced Christmas Eve.

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Enjoy, and good luck.

(a quick note: the competition is open to b5media bloggers as well outside of b5media owners. I f you need a psd of your header let me know.)

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