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3 Things Every Blogger Should Avoid to Increase Their Online Brand Reputation

3 Things Every Blogger Should Avoid to Increase Their Online Brand Reputation

increase online brand reputation

As you are starting off in the blogging world, there are a lot of things that need to happen to ensure that your blog is viewed as an authoritative and interesting site to visit by your viewers. Similarly, bloggers in 2018 must be aware that search engines and SEO are very much an issue that blogs catering to any vertical must acknowledge.

At the end of the day, every blogger is their own brand. Your name, your content, and your style all link together to create a brand that you can grow your audience with to eventually monetize and work full-time as a blogger. With that fact in mind, there are a few things that every blogger should avoid to increase their online brand reputation.

Coming to Terms with Your Brand as a Blogger

Some bloggers begin typing at their keyboards and posting to their own webpages as a hobby. Many have a passion for writing and a specific set of topics, such as travel or even writing itself, and like sharing their perspective with the digital world.

[bctt tweet=”One of the first things that need to happen within the mind of every blogger who wishes to make writing more than a hobby is to come to terms with the fact that you are now a brand.” username=”blogherald”]

One of the first things that need to happen within the mind of every blogger who wishes to make writing more than a hobby is to come to terms with the fact that you are now a brand. Some bloggers choose to use their name as their brand, others come up with a moniker to publish content under.  

Increasing your online reputation as a blogger means that you’ll need to do some research on the more technical aspects of blogging and posting online, namely SEO and how you should build your brand reputation. The goal? To grow your audience and increase the opportunities you are given underneath the umbrella of your brand, such as sponsorships, trips granted by brands you want to work with, and so on.

In the face of all this, there are a few wrong turns that can easily be taken and we want to help you avoid those missteps. To help you grow your online brand reputation, we’ve put together three things every blogger should avoid to increase their online brand reputation.

The Three Things You Want to Avoid to Increase Your Online Brand Successfully

Creating Content with No Plan

make a plan to increase online reputation

Many bloggers who start off writing for the love of writing must take a step back to evaluate their plan. Think about big magazines and their writing process; each has a content calendar that’s carefully curated to ensure that the thoughts flow cohesively and that important topics are given the coverage they deserve.

Therefore, you’ll want to make sure that you are creating content with a plan if you want to increase your online brand reputation.

By thinking about what kind of content you should be sharing, creating a posting schedule (such as Monday, Wednesday, Friday), and creating funnels for potential readers to find you, such as social media profiles that you use and market regularly, you’ll be able to grow your reputation.

Posting with Shady Practices

Much like your real life reputation, your online brand reputation depends on the practices that you regularly commit yourself to. This means that you absolutely want to avoid any shady practices that could get you a little bit ahead in the short term, but ultimately hurt you in the long run.

This means that you should avoid doing anything to jeopardize the trust that your audience has in you. If there are brands approaching you to review their product, make sure you are only working with brands that you’d purchase a product from at the store. Perhaps more importantly, make sure you are posting your honest opinion.

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Similarly, as you are networking, make sure you are doing so purposefully and honestly. Don’t purchase backlinks or otherwise try and game the SEO system to rank higher. Remember, your reputation is yours alone and your brand’s success depends on it.

Not Focusing on Your Online Reputation

increase online brand reputation

Your reputation on a blogger depends on more than just your ability to create engaging content and placing commas in the right areas of your sentences. Punctuation and originality aside, you’ll want to take time to focus on your reputation as it exists outside of your writing.

Search engines, as we mentioned before, are key to increasing your online brand reputation simply because they hold the gaze of your audience in your hand. When someone is looking for a blog like yours, it’s unlikely they’ll know who you are yet. Unless they have been driven to your blog through an outside resource, such as social media or a guest post, you’ll want to make sure your blog appears when someone searches Google for “Miami Bloggers” or “SEO Bloggers.”

The number of times that you are linked to, the age of your blog, how many people are visiting your blog, and many other points of data are what search engines use to create a profile of your reputation. Whenever someone searches for something that you should appear under, search engines will use your online brand reputation to decide where your blog should appear, or rank, on the results page.

This means that you want to be actively working on your reputation in order to raise your rankings and make sure your blog appears on page one of the search results page to successfully grow your audience and, in turn, increase and reinforce your brand reputation.

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  • Hi,

    Nice article stressing on the most important points in a few words. People who begin bloggin without enough thought are likely to face pitfalls which can undo all their hard work. The points raised here will definitely save bloggers from such an outcome.

    A blogger needs to begin with a proper plan and a posting schedule. This, I think, is the most important point because everything else follows from it. Alsi, strong SEO is something no one can do without.

    Thanks for this article which is very focused because it concentrates on the most important aspects. The tips are practical and effective.

    Best Regards.


    • I agree. I have not jumped into the pool as yet, but hope to soon. These tops hives me a boost and a new zest for blogging. Thanks.

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