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How Using a VPN Service Can Save Bloggers Money

How Using a VPN Service Can Save Bloggers Money

Who doesn’t want to save money? Even bloggers do run into cash flow problems sometimes. Maybe I should reword that to “bloggers, specially, run unto cash flow problems”. That’s because for many of us, blogging does not prove to be as lucrative as for the big boys of the blogosphere. While we may make a decent living, we always welcome bonuses – that includes making some savings.

VPN Services


Of course, there are many ways by which freelancers can save money, and one of them is to use a VPN service.

Of all the things I zone in on, why a VPN service?

That’s because we spend practically all of our time online, and that includes leisure activities on top of work-related pursuits. I don’t know about you, but with all the time I spend working, I also find myself treating myself to comforts that may cost some money. That includes traveling while working (or vice versa).

The thing is, when you’re on the road, you don’t really know how secure the Internet connection is. Whether you are at the nearest coffee shop or you’re in a hotel in the middle of the South Pacific – your online security may be shaky at best.

Here’s one way a VPN service can save you money: by ensuring that your online activities are encrypted, thus saving you the hassle, headache, and potential actual loss of money because of malware and hackers. Your bank details, online credit card details, and other financial information that may be sent and received are kept safe – even when you’re using a connection of questionable security.

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Another way a VPN service can save you money is if you regularly download torrent files. While common sense tells us that you shouldn’t be bragging all over the Internet just how fast you downloaded a certain movie or TV series episode, you’ll be surprised at how many people do that on Facebook and Twitter!

So how can a VPN service save you money if you torrent, which is free any way? Again, it boils down to privacy. It eliminates – or at least vastly diminishes – the chances that you’ll be spotted and caught; because when that happens, you’ll certainly be spending money on defending yourself. That’s not to say we condone illegal torrenting, by the way.

A VPN service will cost you, of course, but the fees are minimal compared to potential losses. If you’re still not hooked up with one, you might want to do some research to find the best vpn service that will satisfy your privacy needs and financial requirements at the same time.

Want to save even more? Here are other money-saving tips for freelancers.

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  • VPN is useful to everyone who seeks protection from people who only wants to go after your personal information. Yes, signing up for a VPN provider would cost you quite your budget but the benefits is invaluable. I am a VPN user and I can say that I am enjoying my money’s worth. Think about the freedom you’ll get using a VPN. if you worry if they log your information in their system, here’s an article I’d like to share with you: Hope this helps! :)

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