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4 Ways Bloggers Can Save on Gadgets

4 Ways Bloggers Can Save on Gadgets

Bloggers and gadgets go together. While you may not inherently be fixated on gadgets, at its most basic level, blogging requires you to make use of – at the very least – a computer. Of course, as things go, a blogger usually finds the need to have a mini arsenal – a laptop, a tablet, and a smartphone.
While there are many affordable options, having several devices at your disposal can easily make a dent on your finances. It is thus a huge bonus any time a blogger can find ways to save on gadgets. Here are some ways you can ensure that you don’t have to spend more than you have to – whether on a new purchase or repairs.

Keep your eyes peeled for discounts.

The good news is that there so many options when it comes to buying smartphones, laptops, and tablets. If it’s a new unit you are looking for, electronic stores and telco providers always have something going on. Sure, you might have to go for a 2-year contract in some cases, but the subsidies make things worth it. You can also look at sites which regularly provide information on discounts and promos, so that you can easily compare prices. And, of course, you can’t ignore the used gadget market. You can definitely save on gadgets – a lot – if you rein your spending in and wait for promos.

Trade-in your gadgets.

Along the lines of hunting for discounts, you can also save a lot on a new gadget by trading in your old one. This will, of course, depend on the unit that you have and its condition, as well as the available trade-in programs of your preferred manufacturer or reseller. With a little sniffing around and some patience, you can save up to a couple of hundred dollars just by trading in.

Do DIY repairs/replacements.

If you have a knack for DIY, then you can make some savings in case your device needs to be repaired. Screens are one of the most commonly replaced parts of phones/tablets/laptops, and while you can have someone do it for a fee, you can also order a replacement screen online and make the repair yourself – for cheaper. You can, for example, look at ifixit for how-tos. Take note, though, that this might end up costing you more if you’re no good at DIY.

Insure your gadgets.

Gadget insurance has gone a long way, with devices becoming more expensive and prone to theft. Insurance coverage varies, depending on the provider (manufacturers and telcos also offer their own), but you have options ranging from damage to loss. At the end of the day, if your device cost you several hundred dollars, and you intend to use it for years, then insuring it is a good idea.

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Sara Wells is a tech blogger who writes on behalf of companies such as smartphone insurer, a popular company that insures gadgets people can’t live without.

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  • Is it necessary these days to have more than a couple devices? Everybody has a smartphone these days but is it really necessary to have the smartphone, something with a physical keyboard and more devices? I understand the cool factor but with a laptop and smartphone I can’t imagine why I would need a third device, let alone a fourth or fifth.

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