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Weblog Empire launches its 7th blog: The Windows Vista Weblog

Weblog Empire launches its 7th blog: The Windows Vista Weblog

Media Release:
Growing Weblog network Weblog Empire, run by Blog Herald founder and editor Duncan Riley, has announced the launch of its 7th blog: The (unofficial) Windows Vista Weblog, a blog covering news, views and gossip about the next generation of Microsoft’s Windows Operating System due for release in 2006.

The blog is edited by English blogger John Evans, an author and journalist by trade, who currently maintains the well read Syntagma Weblog, which shares observations on the blogosphere from a writer’s viewpoint.

Weblog Empire CEO Duncan Riley said that he was pleased to have a writer with the experience of Evans on board to cover the next generation of Microsoft Windows.

‘€œWhether people like it or not, Microsoft Windows dominates the lives of every computer user on the planet ‘€? said Riley. ‘€œThe next generation of Microsoft Windows, Windows Vista will deliver the desktop platform of choice for hundred of millions of people worldwide for probably the next 5 to 10 years. The decisions and changes made now to the platform by Microsoft will affect all of us, so its important to be able to keep an eye on the latest developments and news so that we all know what to expect once it’s launched.”

“Having somebody of the calibre of John Evans on board as a writer as part of the Weblog Empire network is a privelege and I’m sure the new blog will be successful.”

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Editor John Evans originally started a Windows Vista blog on Google’s free blog hosting service Blogger in July 2005.

“When Vista was released in beta, I set up a Blogger blog on the topic to test the water. A few weeks in and it was clear this was a runner, so I approached Duncan and we agreed to switch the project to the Weblog Empire network, where I’m sure I can reach an even bigger audience” said Evans.

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