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What Happens When MySpace And YouTube Fall In Love?

What Happens When MySpace And YouTube Fall In Love?

The answer: You get Paltalk 2.0.

Pal Talk is taking the next step in social networking, by adding an element many sites lack–video chat.

( The first company to combine video and voice communication with an online buddy list, Paltalk continues its leadership in web innovation with its People 2.0 site (, marrying networked user profiles with a unique messenger that also gives users the ability to see and speak both one-to-one or to thousands of people simultaneously.

For those who can afford it, Pal Talk offers several different plans ranging from free and slow to “Ultimate” and savvy. Businesses who go pro can not only get a direct link online, but are also able to place a small 468 x 60 banner ads in their rooms.

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This site is probably not for those of you with dial-up, as it Pal Talk was running a little slow for me in DSL.

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  • I’ve used paltalk for 4-5 years, it’s a good free service as long as one uses a popup blocker and has security settings on high. I’ve never used it for business purposes but I can imagine it can work as well as the imagination of the person involved. For social interaction it is second to none and is used by up to 50 000 people at one time (yes, there is a real-time counter). It is used negatively and positively by individuals, groups, and beware, hackers. The most argumentative rooms are strangely enough the Christian rooms (I am a Christian myself and know).

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