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WordPress 2.0.1 released

WordPress 2.0.1 released

The latest instalment from the team at WordPress has been released, WordPress 2.0.1, which is essentially a maintenance release which addresses a number of bugs and user generated requests.

I haven’t tried it yet (so for example I’m not sure whether they’ve fixed the WYSIWIG/ Image handling problems) but the list includes:

* You can now specify an upload directory, and whether to use date-based storage or not.
* Caching has been fixed under certain PHP environments.
* Permalinks have been fixed for weird environments as well.
* XML-RPC uploading works.
* Compatibility with older versions of PHP.
* Several WYSIWYG fixes and cleanups.
* Imports now use much less memory.
* Now works with MySQL 5.0 in strict mode.

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Certainly straight away the ability to specify an upload directory is a positive. If you’ve given the new version a shot, let us know how you find it in the comments. Certainly with the bug fixes and extra’s I’ll be looking at upgrading from 1.5 now.

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  • I made the switch to WordPress 2.0.0 this afternoon, and so far it’s working with all of my plugins, and otherwise seems good.

    I post with ecto, so I haven’t really played with the image upload settings, but everything else seems to work well.

    DreamHost had a 1-click installation and it was completely painless.

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