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How to Write Longer Blog Posts

How to Write Longer Blog Posts

how to write longer blog posts

Like every good blogger, there are days where you just can’t get enough words on the page. However, there are some techniques that can make your blog posts longer with it seeming like a lot more work. Writing about interesting topics, outlining your posts, and including images are all ways that can help make posts longer.

Write About What You’re Passionate

When you are writing about a topic that you are passionate about or interested in, writing a long blog post doesn’t seem like too much work. Because you already have a natural inclination about the subject, you can write about it longer. Seek out freelance writing resources and jobs or blog posts that cover topics you already like.

For the times where you are required to write about topics or within industries that you don’t necessarily like, put a fun spin on it. For instance, writing about car maintenance isn’t exciting for everyone, but if you instead write a post about sports car maintenance if you love Corvettes or Mustangs, or a post about car maintenance before taking a long road trip if you love traveling.

Write Out Headers First

One tactic that I personally use on almost all my blog posts is to write out the headers in my post first. This allows me to set up the flow of my post so it’s much easier to just sit down and flesh out the actual content. Headers allow writers to get their content and post in order, so they don’t have to figure it out as they go along.

Get Sources First

Another thing to outline is a few or all sources for your post. This is another way to help flesh out your blog post before it has even been written. Additionally, reading content about your chosen topic can help you think of ideas for your own blog post. It also provides you with key metrics and statistics that can help back up your thoughts.

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Include Images

A simple visual way to make blog posts longer is to include images. All posts should have at least one image (as increases reader interest), but additional images, when properly balanced with text, can enhance the points made in your post. Try creating graphs to illustrate your points or include additional visual examples through screenshots or royalty-free images that can further get your message across while also extending your blog post.


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  • Thanks a lot Kelsey for your such valuable post. It has described the major things what are most required in order to write longer blog post.

    I also think, to write longer posts, we have to be forbearing. Because when we gonna write something long, there is generally needed much time. Not only that we need to insist our mind to think all the long. So, I think one would be able to write bigger post if he keeps patient. However, knowledge is also a crying need. Searching over internet could bring on lots of topic.

  • Thank you for such a nice blog.It has described the important points which are required to make an attractive longer blog post.Yeah, contents and presentation must be unique to create a valuable blog post.

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