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Compound Planning Expands Team, Boosts Service Range in 2024

Compound Planning Expands Team, Boosts Service Range in 2024

"Compound Planning"

Planning with a valuation of $1.45 billion and appetite for technology, Compound Planning welcomed 15 new advisors in the early 2024, significantly upscaling their recruitment rate compared to the previous year.

This boost in personnel has not only expanded the company’s client base, but also diversified its expertise, offering a wider range of services to those seeking financial advice. A surprising number of these new recruits were former employees of Personal Capital, signifying the success of Empower’s rebranding strategy.

Compound Planning’s distinctive recruitment strategy includes personalized interactions, making the onboarding process convenient and efficient, with a lot of credit going to Slack. Additionally, the company’s unique business model and in-house technology played crucial roles in attracting top talent.

Compound utilizes an engaging dashboard and offers comprehensive services like tax advisory and access to alternative investments. Its technology stack, comprising of internally developed components and API connections with external vendors, supports these services while ensuring rigorous security standards to protect user data and transactions.

In an exciting development, Alternativ Wealth, a platform established by Christian Haigh, bought Compound Planning in late 2023. Alternativ Wealth had been developing software to assist advisors with portfolio management, and this acquisition bolstered its standing as a digital family office.

Following the acquisition, the innovative software developed by Compound Planning were integrated into Alternativ Wealth’s offerings, enriching its service catalog and enhancing its capability to deliver personalized wealth management solutions.

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This fusion between the two companies has enabled financial advisors to proactively amend their strategies based on market changes, making them more adaptable in managing clients’ wealth.

Heading Compound Planning, CEO Christian Haigh aims to offer a “bionic experience” that combines digital and human resources within the wealth management industry. He believes this balanced approach will improve the client experience and enhance productivity, setting new standards in the industry.

Indeed, the ‘bionic experience’ could be the future of the financial services sector, redefining the wealth management model to one that is personalized, seamless and efficient.

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