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10 Minute Blog Tips: Ask the Audience

10 Minute Blog Tips: Ask the Audience

Bloggers are on an ongoing mission to find new and better ways to serve their audience. This means getting inside your readers head and providing solutions, entertainment, knowledge, ideas … whatever it is they want. You have to provide what they want better than anyone else.

How do you know what your readers want?

There are two ways to ask your readers what they want, the sly way and the direct way.

The sly way is to look at your web stats. These stats will tell you what people are looking for, in the way of search engine queries, and what they like, your most popular posts. It never hurts to give your readers more of what they are demonstrating they enjoy providing you can do it in a new, fresh and original way.

Obviously the direct way is to simply ask. This is not as crazy as it sounds. A very valuable conversation can be started just by asking the right questions. If your audience is large enough you can get some interesting responses and learn more about your audience. Ask open ended questions to give people freedom to answer how they choose.

Another option is a survey or poll. These will constrain the responses to just the range you expect but at the same time you will get more responses by the fact all the reader need to is tick their choice. The results can still be very informative and news sites use polls all the time to great effect.

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How do you get inside your readers thoughts? Tell me in the comments …

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