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10 Minute Blog Tips: Do Something New

10 Minute Blog Tips: Do Something New

If we always do what we have always done then we always get the same results. Agreed?

So right there we have a reason to change our approach, to try something new and different, to look at the world with fresh eyes. If things are getting routine for you then you can count on it your audience is feeling the same way.

Let’s not leave it there though. What if you did more than just mix up your blogging style?

When I really stretch myself, those times when I have truly taken a leap into the unknown, I have found that everything has been affected. I’m sure you can also recall the same thing in your own life.

We get comfortable in our usual same-old-same-old. Our experiences become predictable, our associations familiar.

To be an interesting person, not just a successful blogger, you need to experience life, to draw on your life experiences and relate those experiences in new and fresh ways. That means going out and experiencing new things and see how you can connect what you learn to what you already knew.

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You don’t have to jump out of an airplane or swim with sharks (unless you really want to), but if you just try something new when you have the chance then you will have a new story to tell, make new connections in your brain, and meet some new and interesting people.

Wouldn’t you like people to think “new and interesting” about your blog?

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