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10 Minute Blog Tips: How to Get Everything You Ever Wanted

10 Minute Blog Tips: How to Get Everything You Ever Wanted

In a recent interview I was asked for my number one all-time greatest blogging secret ever. My desert-island blog tip. I said my piece, it was well received. Back-patting and mutual congratulations. We parted ways.

But it gnawed at me. I disagreed with myself. That wasn’t my number one all-time greatest blog tip! Something else had occurred to me that took the crown and ground the other tip under its gold and diamond superhero boots!

I couldn’t go back and re-record the interview but I can share with you my secret, so here it is …

… Want to know the secret?

You have to give before you get.

Don’t believe me? Look at the habits of your favourite successful bloggers. They give. They build reputations through sharing expertise, entertaining, building valuable communities.

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How many bloggers do you know who are struggling but only focus on what they want, not on what they can provide?

If you are not achieving what you are hoping for, consider what you can create and give away. The more value you give the greater your rewards will be.

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  • Thanks, Chris for the “secret.” I find that it’s not just the secret to being a great blogger, but to being an amazing human. The great leadership axiom, People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care,” fits in here. Very profound insight, thanks for the reminder.

  • That secret works in several ways. Guest blogging must be a way of giving so that you get. Giving away well-written articles to heavy traffic sites must be another way you give before you get. As well as the social aspect you refer to here.

    Phew. Okay. Now that I’ve got that out of the way…


  • Definitely a wise piece of advice. There are too many blogs out there – particularly blogs about blogging, in my opinion – which seem to endlessly recycle the same old material, in the hope of bringing in ad revenue. It’s always a good idea when writing (not just when blogging) to step back and ask who your audience is, and why they are reading your work.

  • Thank you for sharing that with us. I believe that does not only to blogging but it is a universal law. Give something away by heart and you will have it in abundance in your life.

  • Boo! Cheater! Snake Oil Salesman! Hissss.

    Your post was like saying “I have the secret way to save gas and extend your fuel mileage by 100%…
    – – – – – – – – – – –

    …ride a bike.

    Heh. Be an amazing human bean. Profound. Carolyn should write liner notes or movie posters.


  • I couldn’t agree more with you Chris, you have to give the universe (or the blogsphere now days is becoming the same) to get back from it the more you give the more you get.

    When I was about to start my blog was sick and tired of hearing, find a niche, content is the king, traffic, monetization, blog about what you feel passionate about.

    But I still didn’t get it. Is not about setting a domain, installing worpress, put some random content pour some ads and viola!.


    So I decided to blog about one of my passions, design, Sharing my know how, giving some freebies, doing extensive resources lists in other words, giving all I can. (endless and endless hours of work)

    And guess what? is working, In less than 2 month old my blog got featured in lifehacker :D a dream come true for any blogger, not for the traffic, not for the CTR is for the rewarding experience of getting encouraging comments, building an audience and gaining and voice on the blogsphere.

  • It seems like simple common sense, yet when it comes down to it, nearly every struggling blog is making this mistake.

    The core concept of my blog has always been to focus on teaching readers how to give and in doing so, helping them receive. But you explained it better than I ever could ;).

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