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10 Minute Blog Tips: Resistance is Futile

10 Minute Blog Tips: Resistance is Futile

One of the questions I am often asked is “What is your top tip for new bloggers?”.

I’m one of those people who finds it hard to choose one favourite anything. I do however have a favourite blogging tip …


While there are many things that will make a blog better, none of them work if you don’t write. Writing is what makes your blog, and writing makes you a better blogger.

Write posts.

Write top 10 lists.

Write to-do lists.

Write headlines.

Write comments.

Write emails.

Write an apology to your significant other for spending so much time on the computer :)

… but make sure you write.

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Blogging is like most activities, the more you do, the more practice you put in, the better you become and the more you get out of it. You might struggle at first, but at some point it “clicks” and you find it much easier.

By writing – anything – you unclench, you bring down your own mental barriers and the flow comes more naturally.

Another way writing will help you is by the feedback it generates. Without feedback you do not know if you are connecting with your audience, it’s impossible to know if your “voice” resonates with your readers, in fact you won’t have any readers until you write something.

So if you do just one thing for your blog today, make sure you write.

In fact, write me a comment in the form below! ;)

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  • ditto on the letter writing, but I think I should address mine to my daughter – the amount of hide and seek and peeking around here has decreased recently!

  • Thank you very much for the advice Chris. I hope to get better in writting. I really want to give something to my blog readers.

    Cheers and kudos to BlogHerald!!!

  • Great advice that pays dividends beyond blogging – writing sharpens your thinking on any topic and it makes you a better speaker too.

  • The trick is to do your blogging in the wee early hours when said spouse is still sleeping… no apologies necessary! :)

  • Martin Fowler (a renown computer author) once said “if I want to learn about something I write about it.”

  • Sometimes the best advice is the most basic. I used to know a guy who drank wheatgrass every day and got enemas and all kinds of stuff like that BUT HE DIDN’T EXERCISE! The basic, fundamental stuff is more important than the fancy little extras. I took your advice immediately and wrote something!

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