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10 Minute Blog Tips: Staying With It

10 Minute Blog Tips: Staying With It

Let’s face it, blogging can be hard. Just writing every day can be a challenge. Once you have some subscribers there is even more pressure, you have people expecting new content to be delivered, and it had better be good!

How do you keep at it, day after day?

  • Plan. Know from the start what you intend to do then you will not be surprised by lack of direction. It doesn’t have to be ultra-detailed, perhaps just a calendar, to-do list, scrap of paper.
  • Set goals. Some people are motivated by goals, deadlines, and challenges. If you are one of these people, work with it!
  • Accept that you are only human. Do not add more pressure to your job than is necessary. Your life and real responsibilities come first, nobody is going to get hurt if you don’t post today.
  • Use your time productively. Use plugins to automate, software to organise and research. Bookmarks and browser add-ons. Anything that saves you time and helps you be more efficient.
  • Relax. If you clench you will be less creative. Tension will cause you to lose some objectivity and positivity, so could upset relationships in your life and with readers. Nobody likes a grump!
  • Treasure creative moments. When you are on a roll maximise the opportunity. Make notes, future post, get writing. You don’t know how long it will last so use it while it is there.
  • Engage your audience. Sometimes when motivation is low it is good to interact. Comments can give you lift, ideas, inspiration, ego boost and a good laugh.
  • Celebrate victories. When something good happens, traffic boost, subscriber lift, great comment, affiliate sale, new adsense income record, celebrate!

Those are my ideas for keeping going, how do you keep up your blogging momentum? Let us know in the comments …

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  • I remind myself of special occasions on my blog my writing them on a notepad, electronic or otherwise, then, write a few words introducing the topic I’m about to write.

    From there, I can brainstorm on what to write next.

    Interesting tips, btw.

  • There really a lot of works to maintain our blogs. I am not superman and I know I can’t do all the works one time. So I usually set a goal and make a plan every week. After that I will stick to the plan and take action accordingly throughout the week. So far this works the best with me

  • I never even heard of a blog until a few months agao and I surely never thought I would be writing a blog, especially to my daughter who does not even know I exist do to a mum that does not want her to know of her father, but that is another story. 70 million blogs, is that it? I think every household with or without a computer should have a blog and fill can fill up the info. highway with all sorts of garbage. Who reads these things? It is an interesting study, as now peole can share their most intimate thoughts with the whole wide world.


  • Hi Chris:

    If only I could write my ideas while running, that would be great. That’s when I come up with the best stuff!

    I also find it helpful to have series of posts on a topic that can be divvied up into smaller ideas. It keep the momentum going and allows you to incorporate great readers’ comments into the next post, etc.

  • Chris, I find I can recoup my enthusiasm for blogging by reading and commenting on other blogs. When the pressure is off to perform, all sort of inspiration bubbles up, helping my blogging. It’s trite but true, you help yourself by helping others.

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