10 Pointers For Generating Traffic To Your Blog

Louis Gray is always churning out so much great content I thought I would share this one with you. Just in case you missed it. This article in mention was actually written by Michael Fruchter.

1) Ask for link exchanges
2) Quality content is key
3) Separate personal from professional
4) Be a two-way blogger
5) Encourage comments
6) Empower your readers with the tools for promotion
7) Don’t forget SEO, at least the basics
8) Establish and build power passports
9) Develop relationships with other bloggers
10) Use your treasure chest wisely

Head on over to Louis Gray to get the full scoop. It is definetly worth your time to explore this in more indepth, especially if you are like me and looking to grow traffic to your blog.

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  • True, David.

    Traffic is a battle that every blogger, or for that matter, every site owner has to struggle with. The approaches above may seem a little obvious, but the truth is the basics seem to be where so many of us get derailed.

    So many bloggers seem to chase software to generate traffic for them, in an endless an perpetual pursuit of some sort of traffic “lottery” when in fact if they spent the same amount of time just covering the basics of quality content in even 4 or 5 articles each week, plus networking with sites of similar nature, their traffic would grow in a far more stable and renewable manner.

    Visitors love quality content, and will refer others to your site to share that quality content.

    I guess the long and the short of it is that SEO is important, but “VO”, or Visitor Optimization is more important, at least imho.

    If visitors like your site, they return to it frequently. The truth about seo in my experience has been that if visitors like your content, so does Google, and both of these translate directly into traffic gains.


    Ron Davies

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