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Collect, Share and Swap With Keepio Marketplace

Collect, Share and Swap With Keepio Marketplace

Unless you are a Buddhist monk, there’s a good chance you have accumulated a lot of stuff over your lifetime. Some it is for function; some of it you are emotionally attached to. And some of it, is just plain junk. But as you know, one man’s junk is another’s treasure.

One way to keep your belongings in check is to keep a running list of what you own, and Keepio makes the job easy.

The cloud-based system lets you seamlessly list items, enter descriptions and even upload photos of the things you own. It’s the perfect marketplace where you can collect, share and swap – all under one virtual roof.

So you might be asking yourself, why on earth would I take the time to lists everything I own. Here are a few reasons…

– Save money. You’ll be less likely to purchase something you already own and you might even be able to alter the use of an item you already have to fit your purpose.

– Make money. Rather than deal with eBay’s excessive fees or roll the dice on a Craigslist transaction, Keepio gives you the option to sell goods to your trusted network.

– Insurance. If you should ever live through the hell of having your property damaged or destroyed, you can expect to spend quite a bit of time providing the insurance company with a list of your physical belongings. With Keepio, this difficult time is made easier by simply being able to click “print.”

– Warranty. The younger generation (your humble writer included), tends to replace items as soon as they experience an issue. The thinking is that for just a few dollars more we can have a new item. But this is wasteful on many levels. By keeping a roster of your purchases, you will be able to easily find items that might qualify under the manufacturer or an extended warranty. This keeps your pocketbook and Mother Earth happy. Keepio allows you to enter serial numbers and other important information that is exclusive to your item(s).

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The second major component of Keepio is that it is kind of like a virtual yard sale — where it’s always sunny! People can bond over their catalogued items, comment on other people’s public stuff and sell goods with just a few simple clicks.

You can sign up for a free account or use your Twitter/Facebook login.

The site is currently in Alpha, but the future looks bright. Hopefully I can find someone to take this mint condition set of Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids off my hands!

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