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5 Tools to Help You Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

5 Tools to Help You Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

Social media is becoming an increasingly large aspect of SEO and online marketing, and whether you like it or not, as an online marketer, you may well have to juggle various different social accounts in order to maximise your ROI and indeed make your website successful. (Don’t believe me? This infographic sums it up pretty well).

But managing all of those different accounts can be a big headache, and anything that makes your life harder will ultimately make you less effective. That’s why you need to read this post, because it is full of helpful tips (on how to manage multiple social media accounts) to make your life nice and simple.

Shall we get started then?

1: Chrome

manage multiple social media accountsIf you have multiple accounts on the same platform, either because you have a separate personal and business Twitter profile or maybe you manage multiple Facebook accounts, it can all get rather messy. In particular, you have to log out and log back in for each account that you want to manage.

Chrome has a wonderful feature that lets you set up different profiles on the same browser. You can easily switch between profiles by clicking a button in the top left corner and each user profile has its own bookmarks, history and cookies.

This means that you can have a personal profile and a business profile and you can remain logged in to all of your various accounts in parallel. To use your business Twitter profile, simply launch your business chrome profile!

Get Chrome here if you don’t use it yet

2: Buffer

manage multiple social media accountsBuffer is a simple little app that lets you queue up your Twitter and Facebook updates in 2 clicks. It comes with a free browser extension (for various browsers, so you’ll certainly find one for your current browser) so you can right click on any page and queue it up to be tweeted or published whenever you next have a free spot (you set a schedule and it follows it).

If you like the idea of using Chrome to manage multiple social media accounts, Buffer integrates very well in this setup. You can set up a Buffer account for each of your Chrome profiles so that you are always logged in and whenever you see something interesting, just Buffer it!

It makes keeping your Twitter stream full much easier, as well as avoid you flooding your followers’ streams when you stumble upon a bunch of links you want to tweet. Instead of tweeting them one after the other, you can use Buffer.

Learn more about Buffer here

3: Cyfe

manage multiple social media accountsCyfe is a marketing dashboard. Full disclosure: this is who I work for, but check them out anyway! This platform lets you create your own dashboard full of widgets that show you, at a glance, how your social accounts are performing.

You can access widgets showing your SERP rankings, Analytics data, Twitter and Facebook performance and even your own custom widgets, so it saves you checking each of your accounts separately. You can set it as your home page and get a quick-glance report each time you open up your browser.

Learn more about Cyfe here

4: The Old Reader

manage multiple social media accountsOne of the hardest aspects of managing a healthy social media account can be thinking of things to Tweet about. If you only ever share your own content, people will lose interest, so it is helpful to use an aggregator to find good content. I personally find  ‘The Old Reader” to work pretty well.

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You can set up a different account for each of your Chrome profiles. All you need to do is browse the latest posts, pick a couple of interesting ones and add them to your Buffer queue, then get on with the rest of your day.

Find the Old Reader here

5: Gmail/Thunderbird

manage multiple social media accountsThis may or may not be a helpful tool set for you, it really depends on your workflow and how much you use your social accounts, but for me it is essential. If you have many social media accounts you will need many email addresses, which you can set up using Gmail.

Next, you can hook your emails up to Thunderbird (or Outlook if you prefer) so that you can manage all of your emails without having to log in to each account separately.

You can then set up email alerts with all of your various social accounts that will instantly alert you to anything that you need to action.

Get Thunderbird here

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This post was written by Clive from, the social media and business dashboard. For more info about Cyfe, please visit our website.

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