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5 Ways That Bloggers Are Like Rappers

5 Ways That Bloggers Are Like Rappers

This is a guest post by Gary Kohler from

To get noticed as a blogger you need to stand out.

You need to pick a niche and be the strongest voice of that online community. To get attention you need to stir the pot every once in a while but most of all you need to keep people wanting more.

There are many ways that this is similar to the world of gangster rap and here are five reasons why.

1) “Final” Goodbyes

Bloggers and rappers both love the “final” goodbye. The brackets are there because usually the final goodbyes are not actually final.

Some rappers will retire every second album but they will inevitably come back for another record or three. Bloggers do this too. They might need a vacation or some time to focus on their family but a lot of times they’ll come crawling back to their little soapbox.

Rappers do it to sell more records and to hype their newest effort. Bloggers likely do it for comment love and to send people to their newest blog or website. Once in a while a blogger or rapper will quit for good but most of the time they’ll be back for more.

2) Posses

Popular rappers and bloggers both have a posse that will watch their back at all times. Blog followers will retweet everything a popular blogger says and rappers will help hype the records of fellow posse members.

One negative post against one blogger posse can mean 20 negative posts at the other blogger’s posse. Bullets aren’t flying but it can still get pretty ugly.

3) Controversy

In rap we tend to remember the folks that caused a big scene.

We remember the ones that got shot (Tupac & Biggy), those that went to jail (ODB), and those that act like jerks at MTV Movie Awards (Kanye West).

Why do we think of Parez Hilton or Gawker or Shoe Money or Ariana Huffington when we think of bloggers? All of these bloggers aren’t afraid of a little controversy and they aren’t afraid to be different either – just like their rap counterparts.

4) Rivalries

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Beefs aren’t just for rappers. People have differing opinions on every subject in the world. Combine that with the ability to publish pretty much anything you want in an open and online forum such as a blog and you’re just waiting for disagreements.

Some of the best blogger beefs are between sports fans but you can find haters in all types of niches: social media, SEO, finance, religion, politics, and just about anything else people are passionate about.

5) Confidence

In almost every single rap album the artist will mention they are the greatest rapper alive. Jay-Z says it every third line in some songs.

This is no different than some bloggers that feel the need to sprinkle their blog posts with constant self-congratulation because they have accumulated 200 RSS subscribers.

Not all bloggers are like this but oozing confidence can make you seem like you know what you’re talking about, whether you do or not.

This is a guest post by Gary Kohler from

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