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6 Tips for Writing an Effective Sales Landing Page

6 Tips for Writing an Effective Sales Landing Page

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Whether you’re selling the next big thing or launching a business for the first time, an effective sales landing page can be the difference between stagnation and success. A well-crafted sales landing page explains your product or service in detail and gives your customers an opportunity to make a purchase. To learn how to convert browsers into buyers, read on for some helpful tips on how to get your sales landing page right.

1. Use a Headline to Attract Attention
Don’t stumble out of the starting gate. Make your headline creative and compelling to attract attention from the get-go. Try coming up with one that works specifically for your business. This past summer, I saw an ad for an air conditioning company which in bold, red letters on a billboard read: “YOUR WIFE IS HOT!” Beneath it in smaller print, it implored customers to get their AC fixed. Stir up your own creative juices and devise a marketing scheme that can attract attention to your brand.

2. Discuss How Your Business Solves Problems
Customers are visiting your page because they have a problem that requires a solution. Dig in and get to the point quickly. Differentiation is a hallmark of a successful sales landing page, so mention why your company does a better job resolving the issue than the competition, and make it crystal clear why customers should choose your business.

3. Include Several “Buy” Buttons
If your landing page is busy and long, add a couple of additional options for customers to make their purchases. You want to be user-friendly, convey the necessary information, and effect sales as easily as possible. Multiple purchasing options can help you achieve those things.

4. Slash Your Prices
Put an attractive discount on your sales landing page and you’re sure to garner attention, especially if your business is just getting off the ground. For a brief period, put profits and revenues aside and focus solely on getting people in the door. There’s going to be plenty of time to discontinue your offers – or even mark up prices – once your revenues are flowing more freely.

5. Authenticate Yourself
If customers don’t know you’re an expert in your niche, how can you expect them to buy from you? Showcase your expertise. If you’ve worked in your industry for 30 years, say that. If you have any notable achievements or awards, talk about them. There’s nothing wrong with boasting as long as you’re not arrogant. Customers want to know they’re purchasing from someone with knowledge and experience.

6. Limit Your Offers
When offering a discount or a special, note on your page that it won’t last long. Avoid mentioning a specific expiration date, though. By leaving it open-ended, your customers won’t know how long they have to take advantage of it, which should motivate them to make a quick purchase.

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Some folks advocate the notion that longer is better when it comes to sales landing pages. Lengthy pages typically flood readers with information and allow for multiple points of purchase. However, they have the potential to turn readers off. Do yourself a favor and keep yours brief and to the point. Ultimately, your sales are going to benefit more from a concise presentation.

What tips do you know of for writing an effective sales landing page?

Greg Boyd is an experienced blogger, writer, and Internet business owner. He enjoys sharing tips for building an audience and following online.

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