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7 Ways to Enhance Your Blog with Video Advertising

7 Ways to Enhance Your Blog with Video Advertising

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Video is one of the most impactful ways to reach an audience, and those who use video regularly see greater engagement than those who don’t. Video can even be used to help you promote your blog if used correctly. Consider these impactful ways to use video advertising, and see your blog readership soar. 

1. Create SlideShare Videos 

For many bloggers, LinkedIn provides powerful connections and extended reach for your blog. A SlideShare video showcasing the top posts on your blog is a great way to achieve your marketing goals. They’re very simple to make and share on LinkedIn. 

Best of all, these videos are only about a minute long, so you’re not asking followers to take much time out of their day to watch your headlines. If they find something that they’re interested in pursuing further, they can easily click to your website to read more.  

2. Post Instagram and Facebook Stories 

With more than 2 billion active daily users on Facebook and Instagram, this is easily one of the best ways to market your blog. Using Stories allows you to curate a microblogging platform where the real connections with your audience begin. 

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Stories often involve “chats” with your audience in which you share an opinion, talk about your life, or make recommendations. You could also post captioned pictures, how-to videos, or other relevant content for your blog. This creates a stronger brand while putting great content out there. 

3. Make a YouTube Channel 

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When looking to increase your video production, go to the greatest source of video sharing: YouTube. There are dozens of reasons bloggers should be on YouTube, including the instant rankings on YouTube. You’ll immediately see them at the top of search results, and when you link back to your blog in those videos, it will raise your search results. 

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Plus, many followers love the conciseness and easily digestible aspect of videos. Linking to your YouTube channel from your blog and vice versa will make it easy to share content the way your readers like to ingest it.  

4. Try IGTV

IGTV is an oft-unexplored aspect of Instagram that bloggers can use to maximize their readership and reach. Short clips of your videos are shared in followers’ feeds and the long-form version of the videos are found in the IGTV tab on the app. 

Instagram is a huge source of marketing and connection for today’s bloggers, and utilizing every aspect of the platform, including their video channel, will bring SEO and consumer attention to your blog. 

5. Produce GIFs

Videos don’t have to be long to deliver a clear point. A healthy mixture of animation and text in your blog posts captures attention while driving the point home. GIFs offer multiple functions when it comes to your blogging efforts because you can make them say whatever you’d like. You can create humorous GIFs to illustrate a point you’re trying to make or design GIFs that show users how to use a product you’re covering on your blog.

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6. Leverage User-Generated Videos 

Many bloggers shy away from videos because of the work it takes to produce them. Even casual, conversational-type videos can take hours to produce, especially for the camera shy. So, many bloggers are letting their dedicated fan base do the work for them through content contests

What does this have to do with marketing? Not only are you generating high-quality videos that you can use for future marketing purposes (with permission), but you’re also spreading the word about your blog through those who participate. They’ll share it with their friends both in-person and on social media and bring more attention to your blog. 

7. Include Others in Your Videos 

Other bloggers likely want to include more videos in their marketing strategies, so you can team up with another blogger to curate more content for both of your blogs while maximizing your reach. 

It’s part of an influencer marketing campaign in which you use the devoted audience of one blogger to maximize the reach of another. Choose another blogger that has a similar audience as you but doesn’t offer directly competitive content. 

This is a short list that will get you quickly started in the world of video marketing for bloggers. It takes some time, but you’ll get the hang of it and grow to reach your full potential as a blogger. 

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