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A moral tale of linking

A moral tale of linking

I was just writing a comment on the post on referencing and the words sounded so good they needed their own post. Call it the Riley table-thumping moral guide to success or what not, but once again I’m going to be positive!

“Treat others as you would like to be treated in terms of referencing and links, we all love links and sure, I tend to be generous with them, but I’€™m generous with links because I want to be linked back, and its certainly doing ok for me so far. Be stingy with links and you’ll find that you won’t get as many links in return. ”

Whats the unto others? It applies with referencing and links as well. Maybe there’s a bible story or parable we could apply to make it even more religious in nature? :-) still, solid advice for any blogger.

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  • Not convinced. References, yes, links, no. The reason you have many linking to you, Duncan, is that you provide good content and plenty of it. Links are easy to get if that’s all you want – join a link exchange, for instance. It’s debatable whether you’d fool the search engines but hey, you’d have a lot of links.

    The thing is, your links reflect back on you. Have a long list of junk and you’re essentially announcing to the world that you have no taste. The longer the list, the less chance any of those links have of being clicked on. Have a shorter list of links that are good value and your taste score goes up, plus you increase the chances of those links actually being clicked on – hence the sites you link to benefit as well. The search engines will like it too – they’re more interested in quality than quantity these days.

    And yes, I have a link (two actually) to the Blog Herald on mine and, no, I won’t ask you for a link; I’d far rather earn it.

  • Fair call, I should have articulated it better, I’m not advocating linking for linking sake, but if you see a story that interests you and write about it you should link to it, it helps that person out.

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