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Sunday Morning SEO: A Little Known Tip That is Effective and Simple

Sunday Morning SEO: A Little Known Tip That is Effective and Simple

Much of SEO can be hard to implement or time consuming. For example, link building is difficult for many bloggers and many webmasters find keyword research to be a tedious task. If you want a simple yet effective SEO tip that is easy to implement, you can’t go wrong with strategic internal links.

Internal linking is often overlooked by search marketers. Tactics like building links from other sites, keyword research, and anchor text usually take center stage when SEO is discussed. But don’t forget internal linking since it just plain works.

Now it’s not as effective as getting links from other sites, but it’s so easy to do.  Every blogger who wants better rankings should do it.

Here is an example to consider.

In the image below of my gaming blog, you can see my strategic internal links in the red box. You can click the image for a bigger picture.


The game I cover is part of rapidly changing industry. This means many of the popular keywords change every couple of weeks as new products are released.

I link to the posts that are targeting the newest popular keywords. And whenever a new product is released, I change the links to point to posts that talk about the new product.

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Now you don’t have to change the links as often as I do, but it’s a good idea to pick a couple of posts that you want to have better rankings and then link to them on your sidebar.

Also, try to include good keywords in the anchor text of your internal links. If you don’t want to do in-depth keyword research, do your best to guess the keywords people are using to search.

Finally, if you don’t want to take up room at the top of your site with your internal links, you can place the links lower on your sidebar. You can even place them on the footer.

Over To You

How do you use internal links?

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  • Totally agreed, internal linking is a very effective SEO strategy. I’m continuously building internal links in my blog and I get quite good results. Do check out my blog post about internal linking if you are interested.

  • I use recent post, recent comment & popular post plugins to add links to my TV’s Worst Adverts blog. But also, because people can vote for their least favourite ad I have a “Current Top 10” & do a post at the end of each month linking to the top 5 for that month.

    I mainly do this to improve my content’s findability for *real* users but, obviously, I greatly appreciate the SEO benefits too.

  • Ian, I like how you use voting to determine your top 5 ads. It’s user-generated internal linking :)

    You don’t have to guess which ads your audience likes and you get your readers to participate. Definitely a win-win.

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