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Alternatives to Contextual Advertising On A Blog

Alternatives to Contextual Advertising On A Blog

As most of you probably know I posted 3 times about how using Adsense and Yahoo Publisher network would probably be the best way to monetize a blog. Although I still feel that those options are the best, I would like to tell you guys about some other options which can be used in addition to contextual advertising.

Warning: I am not telling you to use one or the other… Feel free to use both :)

If your blog is rapidly growing in the SERPs(Search engine result pages) and is slowly but surely getting a good PR (Page Rank) selling links on your blog might be a good idea. You have a few options on how you can go about this. If your blog is massive just add an “Advertising” button to your navigation bar and say “I am selling links for $xxxxxx p. month.” If you’re lazy like me your best bet is to sign up at and submit your site as an advertiser. Although TLA takes a 50% cut your almost always guaranteed to sell a link on there. Text-link-ads also takes care of the technical end so its nice an easy for someone with not much time on there hands

If you don’t want to sell links on your blog use CPA (Cost Per Action) type advertising. Although I have not seen great conversions with CPA on blogs you can always try/prove me wrong. Try and be as relevant as possible when promoting a CPA offer and actually insert it into your posts “This is a great computer and you can buy one
a href=”LINK “> Here.

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CPM (Cost Per Millenium) is another option that you maybe integrate into your blog if you get a lot of traffic. It pays around$0.50-$1.00 CPM, therefore you won’t make much money unless you’re getting a hell of a lot of impressions. Some sites earn a complete living off of CPM ads such as Youtube and Myspace. This is because they get hundreds of millions of impressions daily. It pays off with that type of traffic but when a normal person your 4,000-5,000 impressions a day will make you a meager $2-$5. (If you do this and make that $2-$5 I hope you have another job)!

On my next post I will try and provide more information with CPA marketing on a blog. CPA marketing is my main revenue stream using search marketing rich now and I am hoping to evolve it into something I can earn a full scale income on using blogs (not search engines)!

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