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Are You a Solitary Blogger?

Are You a Solitary Blogger?

SolitaryI have noticed a great many bloggers I meet are introverted. This is something I can well empathize with as I have had to train myself to be more outgoing. Perhaps communicating online gives us introverts a less intimidating means to connect? The tricky part though is for people who find it hard to connect offline and on.

Fact is, if you want to get anywhere online, increasingly you need to break out of that bubble and connect with people. I am not talking about schmoozing or using people, but talking, doing favors and getting known.

My friend Damian has learned this the hard way. He is a brilliant WordPress plugin developer but until recently nobody knew who he was. Once he put himself out there his traffic has increased and people are now talking about his plugins. The lesson, it doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do if nobody notices. You need the technical skills and the social skills.

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  • Join Twitter
  • Participate in forums
  • Comment on blogs
  • Take part in carnivals and memes
  • Link out – a lot
  • Guest post
  • Create something useful for the community, for bloggers this would be a widget, theme or plugin

What are you doing to make yourself better known?

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  • I’m very shy myself in real life but on the Internet, I come alive. I use Twitter to comment, comment on relevant posts, write guest blog articles, do interviews (ideally without phones :) ) etc.

    Oh, and I built a Twelcome page off my blog for my Twitter page at after reading about that technique. As it’s generally found only from Twitterers, it really helps introduce them to my Twitter personality.

    Data points,



  • Great article and tips. I’m very introverted and have been working on becoming more social. I’m doing better with this in real life but an currently working on being more social online. For example, I’ve just started to leave more comments ;-)

  • You have touched the right nerve here. I am an introvert and I took to blogging because I didn’t know what else to do with my free time. But gradually I started taking part in conversations in different forums like bloggeries and digital point and geeky speaky and now don’t feel lonely any more. But then I have to learn to open up in real life too:)

  • # Take part in carnivals and memes
    # Link out – a lot

    Are you talking of those Link love and Big Bang–> link chains? Google has policies against these.

  • I’ve been blogging for about 8 years now, but always anonymously. I told myself it was mostly for fun, so it didn’t matter. And yet, I wonder if it mattered so much that I was afraid of falling in love with the work and what success might lead to in the long run.

    I love your recommendations. Getting out and being part of the community is the first step.

    In the link field on this post, I entered the URL to the post I used to out myself on my writing blog. I’m not blogging anonymously ever again and I’m happy to be out there with everyone else.

    Great post, Chris.

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