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Are You Blogging Like a Puppy?

Are You Blogging Like a Puppy?

Two months ago my wife and I welcomed home a shiba inu puppy. Saying it’s been a life adjustment would be an understatement. He’s flipped everything we know on its head. Each day is a rollercoaster. Whether we are on an up or a down on this doggy ride, it’s evident that there are lessons to be learned. The first observation I’d like to share is that puppies would make awful bloggers. Here’s why…

INEXPERIENCE. Everything is new to a puppy, and of course, this is not their fault. with so much to experience for the first time, they are unsure of just about anything and distracted by everything. A blogger must possess focus, and ideally, be an “expert” within their niche.

FEAR. Woof. Woof! It’s an outburst over a garbage can! A blowing leaf! A shadow!! Puppies are constantly defensive, worried that they are about to get attacked. A good blogger must not be afraid to tackle controversial topics, experiment with innovative blog designs and put fear of failure way behind them in the distance.

SLEEP. Young puppies spend about 75% of their time sleeping. Bloggers who are on top of their game often work long hours, outworking rivals.

REWARDS. The only way to get my pup to follow basic commands is to reward him with a treat. As a blogger, the reality is that there are often no rewards. Write a great post? Increase your traffic by 300%? Good for you. Self-motivation yields preservation, and you’ll need to reward yourself in order to soldier on.

MANNERS. Bu courteous to everyone you come across, especially competing bloggers. Respond to all e-mails and make sure every reader comments gets answered. My puppy picks and chooses who gets the royal greeting and who gets snubbed. He’s cuter than you, so he can get away with it!

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ROUTINE. Every time puppy and I exit the back door, he is insistent on passing a flowerpot on the left side. One day there was an obstacle that forced him to travel right and he would not do it. Many writers rely on ritual, but you must be willing to adapt and alter your game plan if something gets in your way.

Make sure you are running with the big dogs…don’t blog like a puppy. WOOF!

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  • Not a Bad Idea I guess most of Us are A Little Worried that we Might Get Bitten by the Big Dogs.But we Should not Fear them and Go Out and Attack the Topics that Make us Big Dogs Also

  • That’s very true. There’s simply no rewards to be had when one is just starting out in blogging. You’re simply giving away free information for nothing, slaving away till the wee hours. But of course we don’t see it that way. We keep at it because we love it and we’re in for the long haul. Splendid analogy. Love it!

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