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Automatic Discount Codes – Nice Affiliate Solution for Product Blogs

Automatic Discount Codes – Nice Affiliate Solution for Product Blogs

Do you run a product focused blog? Gadgets, wine, DVDs? Have you noticed how it always seems to be the discount code sites who grab the affiliate cookies and therefore get the commissions, after you have done all the hard work of reviewing, recommending and announcing products?

Well there is a service that is in development and beta that might just be the solution for you …

Discount CodesAt a recent affiliate show Doug from Promotions was pushing business cards into every affiliates hands, but it is only since I got back I have been able to fathom out what he is up to, and it looks very cool.

CouponEssentially the way traditional discount/coupon/voucher sites work is they offer money-off codes for products you were going to buy anyway, in return for a commission. So your product blog is educating folks, but to make sure they buy through your affiliate link you will need to match them at their own game. The problem is, keeping up to date with these codes is work. Not any longer, that’s what this service solves.

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The guys are working on delivering code, white label sites, feeds, and even ways to get paid without having to sign up to all the affiliate networks. You can see the latest updates from the service here, and get in touch at their contact form to ask for a beta account.

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  • It’s like getting a free cinema ticket but having to pay for the popcorn :)
    Coupon codes are the ones attracting people. Why? Nobody will search for an affiliate link, but they surely do search for coupons.

  • Coupons,discount,and free shipping codes are the best way to save on shopping bills.That’s why customers are most interested to get those coupons in way or the other.Customer buys affiliates and advertisers earns.Its a win-win-win situation where everyone is happy.

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