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Being an Organized Blogger

Being an Organized Blogger

My blogging routine is all a mess just lately. Even more of a shambles is my commenting. I have a forum that I nurture in fits and starts. January has come and gone and my new years resolutions are in tatters. What is happening to me?

I wish I could say there was a reason but there are no excuses. All my good intentions have come to naught. It’s my own fault and I have to own up to it. My copy of GTD has even gone missing amongst my disorganized mess, kind of funny huh?

Yes I have been busy. Of course I have had deadlines. People manage though to be organized with work, hectic lifestyles and goodness knows what else on top. I have a sneaky suspicion that I like a bit of chaos …

So what to do?

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  1. Tidy up the mess – Tidy desk helps make a tidy mind, right?
  2. Make a list – Having to remember everything doesn’t help
  3. Clear the inbox and distractions – At the time of writing I have only four unread messages – a record!
  4. Make a plan – I’m good at making plans, this time I will try not to make it too tough because this time I plan to …
  5. … Stick to it

Really it is easy to see what needs to be fixed when you are standing outside the problem. When you are the problem it is a much tougher job.

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  • You’re right, it’s especially amazing to me that when I clear the crap off my desk and find a place for everything (and every thing is in it’s place) I am much more productive. Mind over matter and all that jazz!

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