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When Your Blog Goes Down

When Your Blog Goes Down

Today for me is one of those frustrating days that occurs once in a while. My blog is down, and seeing as my host is in USA and probably asleep as I write this, I don’t expect to be hearing from them soon. What can we do when our blog is down?

  1. Find out why – The hope is your host is at fault, but you need to be sure. Check their status pages or tech support (or both). It could be your ISP so also check or ask on Twitter.
  2. Broken? – If it is not your host, and your domain is working fine, did you make any recent changes? Added any plugins recently? Been on the front page of Digg?
  3. Hacked? – If you didn’t make any changes, perhaps someone else did? Can you FTP and see if anything looks to have been changed or added? Perhaps time to make that WordPress upgrade …
  4. Backups! – This could be a timely reminder that you really need regular backups. Just saying.
  5. Free time – You might just need to be patient with your host. In which case, take the time you would have been blogging to write some headline ideas, research, guest post or make yourself useful in forums.

What do you do when your site is down?

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  • Hey chris, ALL of our sites where I work are down. We are with a small hosting CO. in SD.

    We have about 100 sites and I have no-one phone #s . I am just a link builder. I’ll follow the comments here today 2 see if there are others?

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