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Blogging: Audio/Video vs. Text

Blogging: Audio/Video vs. Text

As a new user of the free blog platform Tumblr, I can honestly say that the service is quickly winning me over.

One of my favorite features is the ease in which multi-media elements such as audio and video can be added. As a guy who has been podcasting since 2005, I have a special place in my heart for audio content.

But the numbers don’t lie: text content is king.

This doesn’t shock me, but what is a bit surprising is how I have see the text traffic grow exponentially while audio/video is on the decline. With produced content taking up to five times longer to create than text, I’m starting to wonder if the ROI is strong enough to warrant continuing.

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I am interested in learning what my fellow bloggers/content producers have experienced. How does traffic to text posts compare with video/audio?

For now, I’ve decided to cut back the amount of produced audio content I produce. Instead, I will monitor how audio blog posts (which are a simple phone call away on Tumblr) perform, and use that data to plan a future course of action.

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  • I’ve not entered the world of audio video blogging yet, but I think it’s going to be the future of the web content as it’s the easiest way to go through a content created on a site.

    The growth of the video marketing and creating is another indication that more and more people are attracted to the rich media.

  • It all depends on your type of blog with audio and video. For the most part it’s faster for people to read content than they wait for a video to load and hope it’s something that interests them.

  • @Keith . While I agree with you for the present time, I must say that people will surf the Internet much faster as ISPs will have to provide high-speed connection to the people. I also prefer to read these days due to the low speed, but in cases where fast Internet connections have been available, I’ve almost always preferred to watch and listen.

  • I agree with Rahman Mehraby that audio / video blogging will be the future, as more and more people prefer to listen and watch blogs instead of having to read them.

  • hey this is a nice topic and for you all to know -our brain interprets easily and remembers it for a longer duration ,if it is fed visually i.e moving objects and hearing makes it much more easier and of course our listening makes it easier for eyes to have some rest.

  • Yes absolutely audio/video blogging is going to rock.. Even to get more information about Audio/video blogging, we definitely search for webcontent, so content also mre important one.

  • This is want I have been trying figure out for the last few weeks. Which is better Blogging or Vlogging? This post has really happened me out a lot. I have decided to go with blogging b/c it’s easier to rank higher in the search engines with text and load time is much faster.. thanks for this great post!

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