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Blogging: Breakfast of Champions

Blogging: Breakfast of Champions

As sure as I eat my breakfast, there are certain blogs that I read first thing in the morning. I’m not a coffee drinker, so caffeine addiction is foreign to me, but if you keep me from my A.M. blog reading, then I can get downright nasty!

Here’s my blog reading routine.

I log into my work computer, open up Outlook, get my music stream on, and then I start to knock down my “must-read” blogs, one-by-one. It’s an informational breakfast buffet.

After I’m satisfied that I’m in the loop, I start my day “on the clock.” Like most office workers, I experience periods of downtime. It could be waiting for a program to load or for a meeting to start. Sometimes it’s 30 seconds, other times it’s 15 minutes. This is when I visit my “time-killer” blogs; Websites I enjoy to read but don’t find essential to my day.

At night I’ll stuff my face with a yummy dinner and then visit several more blogs. These are in the Not Safe for Work (NSFW) category. It could be that they are too provocative, career-related, or simply blogs that I do not want my employer to know I visit (at least not on their time).

After sitting back and viewing my blog reading habits, I’ve decided that the morning blogs are not only my favorites, but they have experienced the greatest amount of success. The biggest reason they succeed is because, like me, readers feel they MUST read them in the morning or risk being left out of the ‘next big thing.’

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If you had to file the blogs you read into categories, what would it look like?

Check back soon. I’ll let you know what all of those “morning” blogs have in common.

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  • I love this post! I had never looked at my blog habit this way. But I will be honest, I read them as they come into my newsreader during the course of the day. But first thing every morning I get on my favorite forum and check in then head to the blogs that posted overnight. I sit with a hot drink and read and comment. I hate the days that I am rushed and can’t get my morning fix in right away. I used to finalize and post for my own blog in the mornings too but found I was too distracted by what I wanted to read, so now I usually schedule my post the day before.

  • It is also important for us to be somewhat careful when reading blogs, especially those we really love. I often find myself in a situation wherein I go “oh this is a nice one, let me try out that previous post as well”. When this happens, I lose track of time and rush back to work. I think that having an exact time and number of minutes for reading blogs would be a good thing to do.

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