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Blogging Burnout Prevention Tips: How Do You Handle the Information Overload?

Blogging Burnout Prevention Tips: How Do You Handle the Information Overload?

“Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.”
Gertrude Stein (1874-1946), American writer

Have you lost your common sense with all the information attacking your head every day? While the normal person going about their daily work and life is bombarded by information, bloggers actually seek even more – making their brains resemble overstuffed furniture with wadding leaking out through the cracks in the Naugahyde.

I have over 350 feeds in my feed reader. I have 97 tabs open in my FireFox web browser. I have the radio tuned to National Public Radio, and podcasts are downloading onto my Zune right now as I work so I can listen to them when I work out tomorrow morning. I get hundreds of emails a day. Tons of blog comments across numerous blogs – I’m overwhelmed with information and input and I’m losing control.

Are you?

How are you managing all the input a blogger needs to stay in touch, keep up with the news in your blogging industry, tracking down story ideas, researching stories and articles, reading through comments, researching the answers, and responding back…and all the things we do every day to keep our blog life alive? How do you do it?

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What are the tricks of the trade you’ve learned along your blogging path? Want to share? Share your time saving, information overload prevention tips with your blogging pals and I’ll write up a summary, and maybe even honor the best offerings with my book, Blogging Tips, What Bloggers Won’t Tell You About Blogging.

Which begs the question. What is it that bloggers won’t tell you about blogging that we need to know in order to prevent blog burn-out?

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  • Personally I came to the belated conclusion that I can’t cover, listen to or read about everything I want to related to music. That has taken a tremendous load off of me and allows me to get on with it.

    In addition, if I haven’t read an RSS feed in my reader in more than 2 weeks I delete it. Same with podcasts. If I haven’t listened in over a month I unsubscribe. Its the accumulated clutter that gets you.

  • OMG. I have as many feeds, if not more.. I also have tons of tabs (and windows) open on Firefox.. and I’m listening to NPR!!!

    This is bizarre!

    I’m not a Zune user though.

  • I think one of the most common answers and themes after having a talk about information overload is taking downtime. It’s really hard when you’re a web worker to put the damn internets down, but it’s true. Walking away, taking a break, hitting the reset button is very important to restoring your brain power for that next day of blogging.

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