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Blogging in the Classroom

Blogging in the Classroom

Today marks the final day of school here in New York. That means as you read this, thousands of kids, ages 5 – 17, are jumping for joy.

As you would image, computers – and blogs – have crept their way into the classroom. One of the cooler sites is 21Classes. Designed to get your “classroom” blogging, the publishing platform enables teachers, with any level of technology know-how, to set up a portal for their classes.

Each student gets their own blog, a personal space where they can freely express themselves while fostering greater communication/interaction amongst other kids.

There is a central console where the teacher can create accounts as well as a master homepage for the class.

Add in edit/publish features, the ability to upload images/multi-media, and fully customizable templates (via CSS), and you’ll impress your principal!

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A free account will handle up to 10 students. But for more robust features, including 100 students, a personalized domain, the ability to upload HTML and adjust security settings, you can expect to pay around $9 a month.

The only question remaining…how young is too young to blog?

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  • Another great blogging tool is — Created for use by teachers in the classroom. Only 29.95 per year!

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