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Blogging Is Better With Buddha

Blogging Is Better With Buddha

budWhenever writing about a religion or philosophy, things get sticky, and that’s why I often avoid it. There are many arms of Buddhism, and I don’t pretend to be an expert – only an always-improving student.

Buddhism doesn’t care if you were born into another religion or whether or not you believe in a God. It is a practice rather than belief. I propose that you can improve your blogging skills if you travel the The Noble Eightfold Path as you write. This is the road Buddhists travel down as they strive for enlightenment.

RIGHT VIEW: Buddhism is based on the Four Noble Truths (1. There is suffering. 2. I recognize that there is suffering. 3. Suffering can be stopped. 4. The way to stop suffering is The Eightfold Path.)

As you write, look deeply at your subject and keep in mind that nothing is permanent. Understand the law of karma. Karma is determined by everything we do, say and think. By providing your audience with mindful blog posts, you will increase your Karma credit. (And this comes in handy, because no one is perfect!)

Bring your readers posts that better their lives. Be selfless with your knowledge. This shows that you have a commitment to ethical and mental self-improvement. Be sure to resist desire, avoid anger and avert writing about anything harmful.

RIGHT SPEECH: As a blogger, you already understand the weight words carry. Before publishing a post, keep in mind that words can break and save lives, make enemies or friends – even start a war or create peace. Never hit the publish button without considering how your words will be received by all people.

RIGHT ACTION: Live according to The Five Precepts and be consistent. Practice what you preach and blog with an open heart.

RIGHT LIVELIHOOD: Any success you achieve from your blogging activity should be gained legally and peacefully. That means no span, no plagiarism and no topics that perpetuate any sort of criminality.

(Stay tuned for a post on the punk who hijacked my content for almost a year!)

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RIGHT EFFORT: Without effort, you would have no blog – at least not a successful one. The goal here is to maintain a wholesome state. Give your blog your all (while clear of mind) and learn how to neutralize negative thoughts and feelings when they arise.

See things as they are, with clear consciousness, and you will not only improve your life – but improve your blog as well!

RIGHT CONCENTRATION: If you’re like me, you will often find yourself straying away from a blog post as you are writing it. Right Concentration means all of your mental faculties are unified and directed onto one particular object. So if you are writing a blog post, you should ONLY be writing a blog post. Don’t worry about yesterday’s blog or tomorrow’s – only the one you are writing right now.

Of course, one of the best things you can do before sitting down to write a blog post is meditate.

Learn more about The Eightfold Path here.

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