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18 Core Blogging Skills You Can Always Improve

18 Core Blogging Skills You Can Always Improve

Star Wars Computer

C’mon, we all know that’s you at the computer in the image above. :)

Okay, so you’re not a machine and you probably don’t have cool laser guns sticking out of your head.

… Speaking of, um, blogging …

Here are 18 of the most critical skills to success as a blogger, plus related articles. Use this list to help you decide which skill(s) to work on now.

Blog Publishing Skills

1. Coming up with blog post ideas

2. Planning your blogging activities

3. Reading about blogging in order to get post ideas and improve your posts

4. Editing published posts

5. Writing posts

6. Using blog publishing software

7. Learning how to improve your blog publishing efforts

Blog Promotion Skills

8. Emailing people about your blog

9. Calling people about your blog

10. Talking to people in person about your blog

11. Sharing your blog on social media websites

12. Making and publishing press releases about your blog

13. Learning how to improve your blog promotion efforts

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Blog Improvement Skills

14. Analyzing the traffic and search engine rankings of your blog

15. Changing the design of your blog

16. Adding services to your blog

17. Recruiting or hiring other bloggers to contribute to your blog

18. Studying the process of blog improvement

I’m sure there are more skills that matter. I just wanted to list the ones I see as central to blogging success for most people.

What do you think? What would you add?

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  • Two more ideas: learn to write for a blog (tone, voice, building community), get content ideas from comments (yours at other blogs and those of others at your blog). I’ve written extensively on blogging both here and at Conversation Agent.

    • Two additional ideas: learn to put in writing for a web log get content concepts from comments (yours at alternative blogs and people of others at your blog). I’ve written extensively on blogging each here and at spoken language Agent.

  • Easton,
    What a great list! Thanks for putting this all in one place– some oldies&goodies, some new.
    Pardon me, but I notice that you haven’t listed any of your *own* posts!? You have some great ideas on VisionaryBlogging that have inspired me, and that I’ve recommended to others. A little ssp (like, adding just one of your own articles to this list) wouldn’t be too offputting, in my view.

  • Wow, an extensive list of skills you have listed above. As a blogger, you always need to improve and be on top of your game so to speak. You always need to be one step ahead of the rest and post about interesting topics that interest others.

  • Thank you for this very useful list!
    Though it will take at least a week to read and understand it completely :)
    This will surely help in the long run.

  • You are all most welcome! :) Let me know how it goes with improving a skill or two this week. I am working on getting better at changing my blog design and also becoming a better planner for my blog.

  • I have this bookmarked already – great list of powerful blogging resources. Just can’t believe I haven’t left a comment. Went back here to thank you “personally” by leaving a comment. This is truly a must-have especially for newbie bloggers like me.

    Thank you, Easton.

  • I too have bookmarked this post. So far I have only gotten through the first item on ideas and I’m giddy with excitement. Thanks for the page and keep up the good work.

  • A good compilation …. nonetheless I am soooo tired of ‘how to blog better’ posts … But I guess that’s me …


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