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Building Links to Your Blog: Why Keyword Research + Quality Content Works

Building Links to Your Blog: Why Keyword Research + Quality Content Works

Every great blogger should have basic SEO know-how. Without basic keyword strategy to drive traffic to your blog, a great blogger can go un-noticed. Some of the best blog posts I have ever read came from deep within the web. Most likely, rarely read before; with little to no internal and external links and a PageRank of 0. Being a good blogger simply isn’t enough. Whether you are a women’s fitness blogger or an actual SEO blogger; without basic SEO knowledge, you are like Jimi Hendrix deciding to play on the street instead of on stage. Your content will not reach an audience, and you probably will never make money doing it.

Keyword Research
This is why keyword research is so important. Google’s Keyword Tool and Keyword Spy are great ways to figure out what search terms correlate with your blog. Incorporating these keywords as links within your copy as well as your header will provide on page SEO value, reader value and (I’ll explain later) link building power.

Establishing a keyword set, doesn’t have to be a set list anymore. Targeting contextual terms should be consistent in the copy of your blog. The thought being, when somebody loves your blog post enough to share it on their site, they will include the contextual links.

What is quality content? In my world, quality content can come in two forms. The first form is entertainment; musings that are opinion based can gain traction with your audience quickly. Opinion based, “entertainment articles” segment your audience, and you will get insight in to what works and what doesn’t. But it’s your opinion, so what do you care?

The second form of quality content is fact driven, how-to, or research articles. These types of articles provide the reader with insights within your industry. Typically research backed articles require extensive time and resources to allocate, and the information is rarely proprietary as major research firms dominate many markets.

What Now?
Once your content is engaging, it’s in your hands to promote it. Only 15% of bloggers spend 10 or more hours each week blogging, so if you are spending more than that, there is a good chance your blog will be better than 85% of blogs out there, so you have that going for you. But let me explain where and how your business can actually builds links by creating content internally. Social bookmarking and content syndication helps push your quality content viral. Going “viral” means your content has resonated with an audience and is being rapidly shared. This gives often will give your blog a traffic spike, and if you’re lucky will increase your overall site’s reach.

Getting quality backlinks from social bookmarking submission is quite easy if you have engaging content. Professional bookmarking services work to put your article on sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit and many others. These sites are facilitators for social sharing and create a domino effect. Many of these personal pages have their own unique PageRank, lending SEO value with each share.

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I’m a strong advocate of quality content for SEO. Creating multiple low quality articles and submitting them to article pools is a thing of the past. I think that companies will begin investing in journalism and content departments because it makes fiscal and branding sense. For your blog if you want to rank, drive traffic and ultimately find and foster a community, create keyword targeted blog posts

Guest Bio: Matt Krautstrunk is a writer on topics ranging from social media marketing to business phone system at Resource Nation.


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