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Do You Suffer From Blogging Withdrawal?

Do You Suffer From Blogging Withdrawal?

Side effects may include runny nose, itchy scalp, bloody stool…

Over the past few weeks the majority of my time has been consumed with the purchase of a new house. Both stressful and exhilarating, the process has left me with precious few minutes to attend to my blogging duties – both paid and unpaid. Each night, despite my home-buying excitement, there was a dull nagging. A sort of gnawing at my soul. The culprit? My lack of blog production.

Like a rapidly-growing tumor, blogging has become part of who I am; like it or not.

Don’t get me wrong, I can still delineate between an Internet-free life event (Wedding, funeral, family birthday, etc.), but withdrawing from the activity that has become such an integral part of my life, has become a bit of a challenge.

My guess is that us bloggers share many of the same characteristics and personality traits. Aside from the obvious love of the written (typed) word, we tend to be fastidious by nature, a little obsessive and a tad introverted. So I need to know…

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Hopefully you don’t need methadone to alleviate your shakes. Or has it gotten that bad?

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  • maybe it sounds funny but I’ve the feeling that some people are looking forward to my next blog-post, so I feel sort of letting them down if I don’t blog regularly…

  • I used to blog about spiritual matters at a personal site and it really started to negatively affect my life. I was always scanning the news for topics…beyond what I would’ve been interested in, anyway. If I had a very busy day away from my computer…I’d start to feel that guilt about not having posted anything. I found it to be really distressing…and I wasn’t even getting paid to blog.

    When I decided to hang up my keyboard (as it were), I felt a great sense of relief.

    All this being said, I love The Blog Herald so keep up the great work! :)

  • I don’t exactly feel guilty, but I do worry a little that the few regulars I have might bail out altogether if I don’t keep up some routine or reasonably steady stream of blog entries. But lately, analog world (a.k.a. work) has been hopping so I haven’t had any time this week to even think about drafting any posts. I’ve only barely kept up with skimming other blogs this week.

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