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Dusting Off an Old Blog

Dusting Off an Old Blog

As I was doing some research for a future blog entry, I happened to stumble upon some good blogs from years past. What I mean, is that I was reminded about blogs I enjoyed reading at one point, but for whatever reason, forgot about.

That’s one of the many obstacles bloggers are up against. With most of us on a limited (invisible!) budget, it’s easy for our readers to forget about us.

Even if we churn our well-written and thought-provoking content on a daily basis, losing a reader is much easier than gaining one. This is one of the reasons you should never take a single post for granted. Your heart and soul much be poured into every blog entry.

Forgetting about a blog is no slam on the writer. Simply put, life is busy – and the WWW is a pretty big place.

The two blogs I didn’t even realize I had forgotten about were:

John Chow

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Dumb Little Man

So what do you say? Why don’t we each revisit a forgotten blog from the past and give them another chance.

Which blogs will you be revisiting?

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  • You reminded me of John Chow and why I stoped reading him. it’s just the same thing over and over again! it’s good when you are new at the money making thing and want to find out how to do it but after a while you just get tired.

    Sorry, I just answered the wrong question…

    Let’s see… Who would I give a second chance… I gave a second chance to a lot of bloggers from my other blog’s niche. Although they write about the same stuff all over again (encore!) I decided to go read them and see if I can find something new among their lines.

    have a great weekend…

  • I read the blogs of Uncle Fred,
    Of Cousin Jane and her boy-friend Ted,
    Of Granny and dear Auntie Mame.
    The problem is, they’re all the same

    And then they told me, we’re on Twitter
    Along with Britney, and all that glitter
    They thought their tweets would bring them fame
    The problem is, they’re all the same

    So now I’ve turned to writing letters
    To friends who used to be jet setters
    I get replies, they’re rather tame
    And yes, you’ve guessed, they’re all the same

  • How about one of the make money online blogs like Dosh Dosh (is that a blog)- there are so many that you forget about & then stumble over again…alas only so many hours in a day…

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