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How to Get Your Email Ignored by Influencers

How to Get Your Email Ignored by Influencers

Everyone wants to become an influencer in his niche. We all know that can be a difficult feat, but the next best thing is to have a direct connection to an influencer. There are many ways to achieve this – via Twitter, Facebook, or direct email.

email influencers

The issue here is that being an influencer inherently means that they are very busy people. They get countless tweets, DMs, PMs, emails, and what have you. What chances do you have of an influencer actually opening your email, much less reading it, no matter how cool or important your message may be?

If you don’t put some thought and effort into your email, then expect no reply at all. If you want your email ignored by influencers…

Use a generic email subject line.

Worse, don’t put anything in the subject line. Don’t you hate it when you receive these kinds of emails? Why would you expect an influencer to feel any different?

email influencers


Additionally, with their hectic schedules, influencers do not want to spend more time than they should on going through every email that comes in. Most of them even have filters, which direct the email straight to the Trash.

If you want your email ignored by influencers, use the same subject line as everyone else does.

Instead: Be creative in writing subject lines, and give a clear idea what the email is about.

Don’t personalize your email.

When you email influencers, use a salutation like “Greetings of the day!” or some other insipid phrase which tries to impress. While you’re at it, make sure you only cut and paste a press release statement that you’ve sent countless other people and outlets. That should make influencers happy and interested in reading your email further.

Instead: Use an appropriate salutation and use the person’s name. If you know the influencer to be rather informal, you can simply write “Hello John,” or something similar. Simple is good. Also, don’t make the email all about the press release. Write something that will hook the influencer enough to check out your press release.

Ramble on and on before getting to the point.

email influencers

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I cannot emphasize it enough: influencers do not have the luxury of time. When they actually do open emails, it only takes some seconds for them to decide whether to continue reading or not.

If you want your email ignored by influencers, talk about yourself , your family, your pets, and your life story before getting to the point. While you’re at it, drool and tell the influencer just how much you admire him and his work. Go overboard, and act like a fanboy.

Instead: Go straight to the point. Introduce yourself briefly, maybe in 2-3 sentences, and then say what you have to say. Also be clear about what you want from the influencer.

Don’t proofread your email.

Just hit send after you write your email. The recipient won’t notice if there are grammatical mistakes or typos. He won’t notice if you misspell his name, or even use the wrong name. He won’t notice if you use CamelCase for his company’s name even though that isn’t the case.

Instead: Do your homework. Make sure you’ve dotted your I’s. Then read your email once after writing it. Make the necessary adjustments. Read it again. And maybe one more time before sending it.


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