Establish the Blog SEO Basics

In my web career at times I have been both a rabid SEO obsessive and on occasion a potential SEO skeptic. Right now I probably fall somewhere in the middle, which I think is the right place to be.

My working philosophy is always to focus on people rather than technology or particular tactics. It’s the search engines job to please people just as much as it is ours, so if both are doing their jobs right we should have a decent amount of search love.

Having said that, it is worth making yourself aware of some basic Search Engine Optimization, because the only thing worse than being SEO obsessed is being SEO ignorant!

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You want to write with readers in mind but without being unfriendly to our spiderbot pals.

  1. Use a modern, spider friendly theme and and SEO plugin
  2. Monitor your Google Webmaster diagnostics
  3. Determine your search terms to use in your titles and inbound links (more the better) with the free Wordtracker
  4. Craft your content to be reader and search friendly with these blog seo tweaks
  5. Monitor your progress against other bloggers with SEO tools

Any other advice for bloggers interested in some light SEO?

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