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Evolve Your Blog Or Die

Evolve Your Blog Or Die

evolveOK, you might not die, but your blog certainly will.

I don’t care how you believe the earth was created. Whether you side with theology or science, now that we are all here, one thing is clear: if we do not evolve as a species, we are destined for extinction. As humans, we have a pretty long rope (Most species get about 10 million years to get it right!). And it’s unlikely that we’ll be wiped off the planet within our lifetime. Our blogs, on the other hand, are headed straight for evaporation – unless we learn to evolve.

According to Richard Jalichandra, CEO of Technorati, the number of abandoned blogs could be as high as 10 million in 2009.

Most blogs are born with good intentions. Excitement keeps us awake at night and we truly believe that we will be able to carve out our own little spot in a given niche. In fact, a lot of energy is exhausted in choosing a topic to tackle. Part of that process is evaluating the ‘competition.’

Once we see an opening, we’re off an running. Not too far down the road bloggers discover that this blogging thing is pretty hard work – and getting noticed is even harder. Perhaps that’s why some numbers say that 80% of new blogs die within the first month.

If you are lucky enough to make it out alive of the first month, you might make the mistake of going on auto-pilot. Delivering great content is NOT enough. A key ingredient to the recipe of blogging success is being able to tweak your product on the fly. That means you are willing to make changes to tone, style and content – after the blog is born. Here are a few ways to make sure your blog is evolving.

1) Perform weekly/monthly checks to see how similar blogs are adapting. For all you know, that blog that you were blowing away last week just hired a new writer and redesigned their blog template to look like yours. Maybe they were even acquired by a larger blog network and now have greater resources than you. Keep an eye on the prize but always watch what others are up to.

2) Follow your news beat and roll with the punches. Do not be afraid to deviate off the path you originally set for yourself. For example, if you are writing for a career-advice blog, and ignored the recent glut of employment stories, you have missed an opportunity to convert new traffic. Even if you write a micro-niche blog, if you write in a bubble with blinders on, you will become irrelevant.

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3) Survival of the fittest. If a hunted animal does not learn to defend itself, it will get eaten – perhaps all the way to oblivion. The hunted learn to blend into the landscape, find new ways to defend themselves and even develop new physical traits that let them fight back. Since you don’t have centuries to wait around, you need the accelerate the process. Don’t be afraid to try different tactics on your blog. Takes risks and find out what works and what doesn’t.

Having a unique voice and being consistent are important components of a successful blog. And that might sound like a contradiction in a blog post that is a call for ‘blogging evolution.’ There is a middle ground, and successful bloggers are able to find it.

The blogging world is always changing; failure to adapt in response to environmental changes can lead to extinction. I sure hope we’re both here tomorrow! How have you evolved your blog?

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    In all seriousness, this is total bunk. You are teaching bloggers to be followers rather than leaders, which will make them all carbon copies of…YOU.

    Why don’t you shove your ego out of the way and share some REAL tips with us

  • If you’re not part of the “make money online” crowd it doesn’t make sense to be “willing to make changes to tone, style and content” so easily. Please, dear people, buy sweets for a kid, look at a tree, make drip paintings with your iphone app BUT don’t waste your time and start another copycat geek/tech/gadget/marketing blog. There are enough of them. Thank you.

  • All bloggers should be willing to experiment , irrespective of whether or not it is their intention to make money. I’m assuming it IS their intention to hold onto the readers they have and convert new ones.

  • I agree that you should evolve your blog to technology but I don’t think you should start blogging on what all the other bloggers are blogging about. Bloggers should find their niche and focus on that, track which blogs are getting the feedback and expand on those areas. I see some bloggers that have multiple blogs which I don’t agree with but to each their own.

  • Andrew,

    My blog is an ever evolving beast. I pay attention to the things you mention here and to some extent I go with the evolutionary flow.

    Adapt or go the way of the Dodo bird.


  • I am new to blogging meaning only been blogging for about 3 months but would really appreciate anyone’s thoughts/input/suggestions.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Thanks for the great post. I total agree that you need to evolve your blog and experiment, although sometimes the things you try might not work most of the time they probably will.

  • Most people have full-time jobs. So for them, perhaps it is wiser to Contribute to a group blog populated with like-minded writers rather than trying to go solo.

  • Survival of the fittest and keeping an eye on the competition sure hits home for me this month.

    Recently I had a well; now former affiliate ~ Come onto my social network for 30 days. he has now made my nice his ~ and published a free e-book from material I had discussed with him in my upcoming book. Additionally, my brand is now his brand..Like identity theft!

    He published and distributed his ‘free’ e-book as my Book was in for editing. I have researched copyright laws and feel I have a strong case. Just uncertain if the emotional involvement to remain engaged with this man is worth the effort.

    This is my life-story ~ Unique dream and vision and it really hit HOME.

    Any suggestions?

    Blessings, ~ Nancy

  • Totally agree with your idea there!! In fact we shouldn’t see everything as seriously too bad and too good. Let’s relax, travel and give yourself alot of times.

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