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Excuse Me Blogger, How Often Do You Exercise?

Excuse Me Blogger, How Often Do You Exercise?

I am a better writer when I exercise, case closed. Maybe that’s why this blog post isn’t very good. ;-)

We’re at the tail end of winter here in New York City and I can honestly say I haven’t moved a muscle in about two months.

Ideas flow when I’m pounding the pavement. Blog posts get expanded upon as the trees whirl by on my bike. And I can write full podcasts as I swim. But when winter hits, and I become a lazy bastard, all exercise bets are off.

We’re constantly bombarded with articles that talk about the benefit of aerobic exercise: improve your sleep, increase your energy, fight anxiety, ward off depression, etc. I haven’t seen the medical study yet (if it exists), but I know for me personally, exercise makes me a better blogger.

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I’m a sports guy, not a gym guy. So when the warm weather returns, you’ll find me outside. Because the more I do outside, the better I’ll be when I’m sitting at my computer inside.

I already know you’re suffering from weak fingers and failing eyesight, dear blogger. So let’s hear your thoughts. Do you think there is a correlation between your exercise routine and your blogging effectiveness?

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  • I love doing exercise – cycling’s my thing – and definitely think it helps with my blogging.

    Not only is it one of the few occasions that I get a bit of me time but it also gives me a chance to clear my mind and think about what I want to write about.

  • I’m jealous. I definitely can’t plan anything while I’m working out. I have to focus 100% on what I’m doing.

    I do think it makes me more productive, more focused and definitely more pleasant to my coworkers :)

    Have you tried kettlebells for winter workouts? Don’t need a lot of space and it’s kind of a repetitive full-body activity. Might be the answer for you.

  • For me, I noticed that everytime I work out in the gym, it’s like my mind is refreshed after taking a bath. And fresh ideas can easily come up to my mind to create a wonderful and quality articles on my blog.

  • I have most of my best, most creative ideas while exercising, but different forms of exercise have their advantages and disadvantages. I think typically the less you need to think about it, the better your generation of ideas.

    So for me, swimming is good for generating the ideas (but not very good for then capturing them), whereas playing football (soccer) is not good because I can’t let my mind wander – probably because I’m not very good at it :)

    Perhaps the best form of exercise for having ideas is just going for a walk – you need no special equipment, you can do it at the drop of a hat, and if an idea’s good enough you can write it down or leave a message on your phone.

  • I feel energetic and upbeat after exercising and the same reflects in my blog posts. Regular exercising and then blogging definitely helps – No doubts!

  • You can do a bit of walking undercover. Use the stairs, not the lift in Department Stores. Trot briskly round the Super Market. That sort of thing. But what’s so bad about walking outside in the winter? You just need the right clothes.

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