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Fantasy F1 and Bringing the Fun Back

Fantasy F1 and Bringing the Fun Back

For a while blogging became just my job. My last hobby blog had been sold, my personal blog down and broken. It seemed the fun had gone out of blogging for me.

So to fix that, a friend and I just launched a purely fun blog, all about Formula 1. In doing so I learned a couple of lessons:

  • When your interest becomes your job you need to work hard to keep your passion alive. My love of photography suffered from trying to commercialize my pictures to the point where I lost interest and sold my blog. Don’t let that happen to you.
  • You can learn a lot from doing hobby projects, especially as you have true freedom to be creative.
  • Finding the fun can be a great way to stay motivated.
  • Blogs can help you enjoy a hobby – it happened with my photography and is happening again with F1
  • Sometimes geeks just do what geeks do – it’s only natural that we blog stuff

If you want to join in the fun with a chance to win Formula1 prizes, head over to the blog and follow us on @fantasy_f1

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Have you ever killed off an interest by getting too serious with it? How have you combined your work and play? Please share in the comments …

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  • Fortunately, I still hate adverts which is great news for my “Adverts I hate” blog ;)

    But I have discovered that coming up with jokes is no fun when you’re trying to do it sat at a key board.

    NB: That’s the excuse I use for my blog not being as funny as it was and not because I’ve lost it…

  • Heh, yeah the funny muscles are not cooperative when asked to perform on demand, much easier to take notes as and when something comes to you if you have chance :)

  • That’s what is happening to me too. I’m a software developer and I started a blog for C# developers with novice to intermediate skills. But it gets boring sometimes when I get back from work (I code 80% of the time in my current job) and have to write something about the same programming language I’ve been using the whole day. I thought once of selling my blog and starting a new one on Linux (something I’m passionate about but not using in my current job).

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