Fighting Social Media Fragmentation

TwitterA worry with all these different social media venues we participate in is the fact we are spreading our content around and making it difficult to follow or archive in one place.

Of course friendfeed aims to provide a solution to that, but again their service is not under our own ownership or control. The logical place is our blog. Are there solutions to make our blogs our content hub?

It seems I have happened across at least a partial answer after reading D’Arcy’s experiments with Asides.

Using D’Arcy’s experiment as a guide I realized I could write some tweets on my personal blog and have them go to Twitter, be visually customized on my blog and not go to my RSS feed to clutter up for my subscribers (there could be many in one day and not all be terribly useful to the casual reader).

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Here is the recipe:

  1. AsideShop plugin to provide the Asides templating functionality. This can make posts in a certain category look however you want them to with lots of flexibility. Read more at D’Arcy’s post.
  2. Category excluder to remove the Tweets from the RSS feed
  3. Twitter tools to send the Tweet to Twitter

My next step will be to create a quick posting form at the top of the index page when I am logged in, based  on the Prologue theme, to give me that quick Twitter style posting ability. Watch this space or follow me on Twitter to see how I get on :)

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