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Four Principles Separating You From Blogging Elite

Four Principles Separating You From Blogging Elite


Although it’s incredibly easy to get up and running, blogging itself is no easy task. No matter what you write about, we all have the desire to be heard. Our ideas or passions mean something to us, and if no one is listening, it can be pretty depressing. In virtually every industry, there are pros and among those pros are what’s called the “elite.” They are at the top of their game, and in the blogging world, there is no shortage. Maybe they have built a six-figure business like David Risley or generate significant ad revenue from a website dedicated to their passion.

Whatever it is, there are several principles that separate them from the average folk. Contrary to popular belief, no magic powers are required, and we all possess this same ability to create something great.

Work Ethic

Knowledge is power, but execution is king (Tweet this). You can have the absolute best tips, tactics and strategies, but if you don’t take serious action, you are never going to build the thing you have hoped for. Consistent action is key to building anything great, and blogging pros know this.

They go beyond just creating new content, effectively promoting their work, and putting in many hours to build a community. They know that nothing will come easy, and that if you truly want serious results, you have to put in serious effort. All of this starts with creating an actionable plan and strategy. If you don’t know where you are going, how can you expect to get “there,” your end result?

Ability To Adapt

We all go through changes, and for some it’s easier to adapt than others. With search engines and social media constantly evolving, it’s important to stay on your toes, and roll with the punches so to speak. Like putting in long hours, change is not easy, and you will often find yourself resisting change. However, the ability to adapt and make changes is key to moving your blog forward. Keep a close eye on the evolving landscape, and don’t get too comfortable.

Always Seeking Knowledge

Just because you have reached a certain level of success, does not mean you should stop seeking new knowledge. The best in the blogging world and beyond are always learning new things. They put their ego aside, and realize that they do not know everything, nor will they ever.

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Not only do the elite consume content on other blogs and read books, but they also invest their hard earned money into bettering themselves. It’s easy for use to put our money elsewhere such as that latest gadget or a downpayment on a shiny new car, but neither of those things are truly beneficial in the full spectrum of everything.

Not Afraid To Fail

Fear of failure is one of the biggest things that hold us back. It’s what has kept you from talking to that cute guy or girl, and making a decision that could impact your life in a hugely positive way, but the risks caused you to remain stagnant.

Blogging pros gladly accept failure into their lives, and understand that it will help them become even better. What other principles would you add to this list?

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