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Good Attention, Bad Attention

Good Attention, Bad Attention

Bloggers are often looking for ways to get more people to read their work. This can lead to all sorts of traffic generation tactics.

Most tactics can be good or bad depending on how they are implemented. Some ways to gain attention are better off avoided.

Let’s take a look at some now:


Write a great post and let other bloggers know about it who might link.


Write a mediocre post then spam every blogger who you can find demanding a link.


Put together a comprehensive resource list or how-to then get friends to vote it up at Digg


Copy and paste an article you find on the first page of Google then create fake Digg accounts to inflate your votes, and when that doesn’t work spam everyone you can find.


Start a blog conversation with fellow bloggers that leads them to post an interesting response.


Lure fellow bloggers into an argument using insults, faulty arguments and defamation.

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Post interesting, charming or witty comments on popular blogs and forums.


Drop your link on every blog, forum and Social Media site you can find, no matter what the topic.


I could go on but I am sure you get the idea. Most tactics can be turned bad depending on the bloggers attitude who uses them. It’s about having positive intentions, creating your own original content, and being kind versus being a complete git.

Can you think of any other tactics that get abused? Share your thoughts in the comments …

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  • What about blog comment cliffhangers, Chris?

    You know, the tactic where…

    (Just kidding.)

    It’s the kind of commenting that goes along the lines of: “[Insert one-word adjective of praise]! I talk about a twist to that in my post at [insert URL here].” :-)

  • Some good tips Chris. I hate when people rip the content from my unique article sites and then spam digd and digitalpoint (asking to digg their articles).

  • Hi,

    Indeed as I post this comment, my link is also being submited – it’s part of the form, though – but one does have to find a balance between a healthy advertising and spam. Afterall all of us, or at least most of us, is seeking a good exposure for our websites and blogs.
    Providing quality content is the best way. Maybe not in traffic numbers but for sure in the quality of the visitors.

    Kind regards,


  • Chris,
    Very good info from you.

    Thought on spam “Write a mediocre post then spam every blogger who you can find demanding a link.”

    Why not just get rid if links?

    No Link No Spam


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