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Great New Consulting Opportunity? Conference Sponsor Wranglers

Great New Consulting Opportunity? Conference Sponsor Wranglers

Reading my email this morning I had an idea that could be very lucrative for someone with the experience and skills. It seems there is a hole in the market for someone to clean up, and for anyone who has been there and done it, I am not sure it would be too difficult either.

First some background …

As you might have seen on Lorelle’s WordPress Wednesday Tony Scott is leading the organization of a WordCamp UK.

Latest news is a venue has been secured

Following intrepid research by Birmingham-based WordCamp UK mailing list members a venue for the event has been secured.WordCamp UK will be held at Aston University Lakeside Centre, Birmingham, Saturday and Sunday 19-20 July 2008.

For full details go to the WordCamp UK wiki.

The problem is, like everything seems to be in the UK right now, the venue is bloomin’ expensive. If the UK is going to get a WordCamp then they are going to need sponsors, pronto.

WordCamp central is not much help, it just tells you to get sponsors. Doesn’t say how.

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So here is the idea. If you have the skills and experience, you could offer your services to conference organizers such as these and offer to organize sponsors in return for an agreed percentage.

The organizers just want to see their conference happen. Sponsors just want to see a return on their investment. Attendees want a great conference. None of this can happen without someone drumming up the sponsor cash. Seems a win all round?

What do you think, could this work?

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