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Guilt-Free Business Blogging – 7 Ways A Blog Can Grow Your Business

Guilt-Free Business Blogging – 7 Ways A Blog Can Grow Your Business

I strongly believe that every business should have a blog to keep the lines of communication between you and potential customers open. The target of this article is to reveal 7 effective ways a blog can help you grow your business.

1. Blogging Boosts Brand Awareness

Corporate blogs create a unique opportunity to share your thoughts, ideas and offerings with not only your readers, but their readers as well, which eventually brings in more prospects. Guest blogging is another great strategy to build up an audience. Plus, new employees and outsiders can get a better chance to know company’s product launch, innovation and strategy.

2. Blogging Personalizes Your Business

Blogging puts a human touch to your business and keeps your audience updated on new and exciting things happening in your company. Blogs are all about being personal, so let your personality flow with blogging. Write in your own name. Share your personal experiences about running your business and being part of your niche. Being personal builds trust, so write with a conversational tone so people can understand and relate.

3. Blogging Allows People To Find Your Site

The goal of your corporate blog is to link back to your company’s website. Often times when people are looking for a product or service, they will first look for information about the subject. So, before they find your site, they’ll find your blog, which can also give you a hub for syndicating content via the social networks.  If you are strapped for time, you can always hire virtual assistants to lend a hand.

4. Blogging Helps You Communicate A Unique Selling Proposition

Blogging can help you get down to your company’s core values and beliefs. Use a simple and direct tone to create powerful content that communicates a clear purpose. One thing is for sure, you’ve got way more chances to generate the action you want from your readers via blog content than a bunch of ads.

5. Blogging Positions You As An Expert In Your Niche

Smart brands like Apple exceed customer expectations, by going the extra mile, which makes people talk about them. Blogging is the perfect example of giving and doing your best to be a valuable resource.

6. Blogging Provides A Reason To Return And Refer

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Having people return to your company’s website is likely the most important motivation to create a good blog.  Once people have looked at your site and seen your products, unless you didn’t provide a good reason or incentive, there’s no reason for them to return. Blogs, on the other hand, gives them what they need – content they can digest at their own pace and it’s less interruptive than email.

7. Blogging Helps You Find Out What Your Audience Needs And Wants

Your company can also benefit from valuable feedback through comments and suggestions via forums. You can also take the pulse of your audience using surveys, polls, forums, comments, q&a sites, social bookmarking sites, link builders, wordtracker, adwords tool etc.

Remember, strong advocates are created by going extra mile, so regular posting on topics that your readers will genuinely find interesting can dramatically increase your sale.

Guest Bio: This article has been contributed by Nitin Aggarwal.  Nitin is passionate about technology and enjoys gaming. Connect with him via Twitter.


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