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Have You Tried Blogging Outdoors?

Have You Tried Blogging Outdoors?

It’s sunny. 80 degrees. There’s a nice breeze. I smell flowers. The sky is blue. Off in the distance I hear kids playing and the chimes of the ice cream truck.

I am blogging. In my backyard. Outdoors.

Over the past few years the majority of my blogging has taken place behind walls under artificial light. But after completing a very successful blogging session outdoors this morning, I’m going to have to reconsider my writing venue.

With more elements out of your control, like the bumble bee that just circled my head three times, it might be difficult to find that ‘concentration zone’ so many bloggers need in order to produce good content. However, if you can get your mind in the right place, I would make the argument that being closer to nature might just open your eyes – helping you generate richer insights, greater detail, and focused blog posts.

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I’m not suggesting you blog outdoors during a rainstorm or if your neighbors’ kids are screaming their brains out. But, as summertime approaches, I encourage you to give it a try. You might be pleasantly surprised. At the very least, you’ll get some sun on that Twilight-like skin of yours!

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  • I blog outdoors sometimes and its a wonderful experience. However, you tend to enjoy the nature more than blogging…

  • Beer garden blogging with mobile broadband is one of the nicest thing to do. If it weren’t for the glass screen on my MacBook.

    Still one of my preferred things in the job… working from anywhere.

  • Reading this now sitting in open gazebo enjoying summer warmth and gentle breeze.

    Had to buy a screen shade because I wasted a lot of time trying to find my cursor before. Thought about downloading an app to make a giant cursor, but didn’t want to risk the spyware.

    Shade is not a great improvement, but better, screen reflection is an issue.

  • I love blogging outdoors but find that seeing my screen can be difficult unless I sit just perfectly. I want to be in the sun, not the shade, at least for a while, but that isn’t the best way for a laptop, lol.

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