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Hey You. Yes You! Let’s Network…

Hey You. Yes You! Let’s Network…

As many of you know, I own and operate Jobacle, a career blog and podcast that is dedicated to making work better. With all of the media hype – and now evidence – surrounding an economic downfall, it appears we are entering a new job-search chapter: too many workers, not enough jobs.

It’s times like this that a resume becomes even less valuable. After all, a resumes’ primary purpose is to act as an exclusionary tool to ELIMINATE you from the race.

It sounds boring and cliché, but that means networking is more important than ever.

Many bloggers – this one included – simply throw links to social networks on their sites and wait for the people to flock. This is a pretty passive approach.

With so much uncertainty out there, my blogging friends, let this post serve as a reminder – or better yet a catalyst – to reach out and make a new contact or rekindle an old one.

Set a goal and hold yourself accountable. Maybe it’ll be to make five new contacts this week. Perhaps 50. It’s hard work, but perhaps the most important work you can do right now.

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There’s a good chance your next job will come through networking, irrespective of what you do for a living. Start now before it’s too late.

One of my favorite things about blogging is meeting new and interesting people across the world. You can find me on LinkedIn and all of the rest, but why not send me an e-mail and make me your contact for the day!

Even if I’m not your guy, go network! You’ll thank me later.

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  • “After all, a resumes’ primary purpose is to act as an exclusionary tool to ELIMINATE you from the race.”

    No, a resume’s primary purpose is to gain the attention of an employer by proposing something valuable you, as talent, can deliver. LinkedIn and other profiles you maintain online may all be considered part of your resume.

    If your resume is “an exclusionary tool to eliminate you,” you’re doing it wrong!


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