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How to Get a Blogger’s Attention

How to Get a Blogger’s Attention

Smoke signals. They were effective in ancient China when soldiers needed to communicate over the Great Wall. But send one up today and your message will go up in – well – smoke. Getting the attention of a blogger you would like to work with or for is no easy task. Life feels like one big cluttered inbox. Here are a few ways to cut through the noise.

1) Write about them. Bloggers are not a vain bunch, but they do check their referring traffic on a regular basis. Insult them on your Website and they will defend their honor. Compliment them and they will be thankful.

2) Ask them for help. It’s a generalization but I’m going to go there anyhow; people love to hear themselves talk. The blogging community is a verbose bunch that is passionate about what they do. A clear understanding that reciprocity is what makes the blogosphere work, coupled with the fact that today’s newbie could be tomorrow’s Darren Rowse, increases the odds that a blogger will help you if you are willing to ask.

3) Track them down. I don’t mean in the I’ll-run-a-Whois– and-call-you-at-home stalker kind of way, but by contacting the blogger at an alternate e-mail address or via message board. When you fill out a form you will likely get routed to a general mailbox and get lost in the shuffle.

4) Snail mail. Sometimes you have to go old school to rule new media. Heck, even Twitter employees are passing around paper businesscards. Send a physical mailing that includes a clear message of what you are looking for. You don’t want to buy the blogger off, but including some kind of free item (it should be inexpensive but relevant to your message) can help you be memorable.

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Whatever you do, do NOT send a press release, even if it’s personalized. Most bloggers are not idiots. Just cause you plugged in my first name or blog name, I’m smart enough to know you’re working off of a template. Save your time – and mine.

Any other ideas to get a blogger to notice you?

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  • Ask for a guest post, but make it short and sweet. Typically, spend a week making quality comments for a couple weeks. Then once they see that you are not just a spammer you can now approach them. It has worked for me in the past.

  • I definitely would have to agree strongly with #1, and it has been a great tactic of mine personally to get a bit of influence. There’s nothing healthier for your traffic and overall popularity than picking a fight with someone bigger than you… and getting them to fight back on their blogs! My first real traffic happened when I got into a fight on with, and I’ve been rolling in traffic ever since :)

  • I agree with Garen about guest posting but I think it’s better to write the guest post first and then send it along with a note asking them to check it out. Saves an email and the blogger’s time.

    Just commenting on a blog is probably enough if there aren’t tons of comments on each post. Most blogger’s who aren’t getting a ton of traffic will probably bite your arm off for a few comments.

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